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20 March 2009 @ 11:50 pm
Fic: The Winchesters visit Camelot  
Title: The Winchesters visit Camelot
Author: wiccaqueen 
Rating: NC-17 (you know me, I couldn't resist)
Pairings: Colin/Bradley & Jared/Jensen
Word Count: 4,202
Beta: my dear and wonderful gealach_ros! Thanks so much hon :-)
Warnings: None except mentioning of a few slight mancrushes ;-)
Notes: This is a crossover fic of a sort...well it's RPS obviously but from the fandoms 'Merlin' and 'Supernatural'. It was a bit inspired by my upcoming trip to Birmingham to the SPN con and I couldn't stop thinking how awesome it would be to also have my Merlin boys there :-)
Oh and this is of course a total imaginary madeup by my weird mind, and that also goes for Wayne!
Disclaimer: These handsome lads belong all to themselves....sadly!
Summary: How can they just book two conventions at the same time and location? What kind of mentally inflicted person does that?

If you are not familiar with both fandoms, a few visual aids might help

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