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01 January 2008 @ 09:36 pm
Fiction: Spellbound 6/6  
Title: Spellbound 6/6
No more denying...
explicit m/m sex scenes, smoop
Disclaimer: Sam, Dean and John belong to their respected owners of the CW! I'm just borrowing them....

Spellbound 6/6

The night was cold out when Sam and Dean made their way through the woods searching for the werewolf. They had loaded their guns with silver bullets, the only thing that killed a werewolf. Silently they moved through the trees, always keeping a close watch on their surroundings. All of a sudden they heard a woman screaming not far away. Dean pointed in the direction where the scream had come from. Picking up the pace, they began to track the werewolf down.

 A couple of minutes later they reached the victim, a middle-aged woman. She was lying on the ground, unconscious but not wounded. Dean leaned down to check on her.

“She’s fine, probably just had a shock.”
Sam kept his hand on his gun, searching for the beast in the darkness.

“We have to get her out of here.”

“I agree, but first we get the dirty bastard. He may be human in real life, but he’s become a murderer at night.”

Sam looked in Dean’s direction. He was just about to start protesting, when something jumped him and pushed on the ground.


He heard his brother screaming, but was paralysed. The heavy weight upon him almost crushed his chest. The claws of the werewolf dug deep into his arms, as the beast tried to get his teeth into him.

And then he heard Dean fire his gun. One shot and the dead body of the werewolf fell full force upon Sam.

“Sam!” Dean hurried to his brother, freeing him from the dead body.

“Sam, talk to me dude! You’re okay?”

After coughing hard for a few seconds, Sam tried to get up again.

“I’m fine, I think.” Dean gave him a helping hand and pulled him up.
He took a good look at Sam’s face and neck, checking for any bite marks.

“He didn’t get you with his mouth, did he?”

“Doesn’t look like it. Look Dean I’m fine, really, no need to freak out.”

But Dean still held a worried expression on his face.

“Let me look at your arms.”

Sam looked down and saw blood stains on his shirt.

“The claws, only its claws got me. Burns like hell.”

“Well we have to get you patched up. Can you hold out till we reach the motel?”

Sam nodded. Dean took another quick look at Sam, a bit more relaxed and then went to the unconscious woman, heaving her on to his back.


After they’d taken care of the woman, they quickly returned to the motel. Dean didn’t want to chance Sam getting a blood infection. Searching his duffel, he soon found their med-kit for emergencies.

“Sam, take off your shirt.”

Removing it, Dean could already see the fresh blood dripping from the wound.

“Shit, it hasn’t stopped bleeding yet. Why didn’t you say anything Sammy?”

“I didn’t want to worry you. It’ll be fine.”

Dean took the disinfectant and started cleaning the wounds with it. He tried to be gentle with Sam, but by the look on his face, he knew that he still was hurting him.

“Dude, that burns!”

“I’ll be done in a minute. Just hold on. And if it isn’t better, I can always kiss it better.”

Sam fell silent, looking into Dean’s eyes. He was smiling again, opening a small window into his soul. He wasn’t teasing him.

In the next moment he was hitting Sam slightly on the back of his head.
“Don’t be so dumbstruck. Now give me the bandages.”

Sam leaned over and got the roll of cloth from the kit. Gently but firm Dean wrapped it around the wounds and tied the ends.

“There you go. Good as new. Should be healed up in a couple of days. Until then we can take things slow, you know, take a few days off.”

“We don’t have to, I’ll be fine. Don’t be concerned about me.”

Giving Sam a few painkillers, Dean replied: “I’m always worried about you. You’re my little brother, so it’s kinda my duty.”

Smiling again, he put the med-kit back in his bag.

“Now how about celebrating? After all we killed the beast and saved the damsel in distress.”

Sam almost laughed. It was good having Dean back the way he was.

“Yeah sure. Why don’t you just say that we’re outta money? So what’ll it be this time?”

“Well no pool playing, that’s for sure. Why don’t we check out the local bars, I’m sure there’s a poker table somewhere.”

“As long as there’s no local witch somewhere…”

Two hours later Dean had won over 250 dollars playing poker at a local bar. It had been a good night for him, first enjoying a good hunt and then winning at poker. The only concerns he had were about Sam’s wounds, and not just the physical ones. He knew he was hurting still from the spell and the effects of it. Hell, he wasn’t the only one!

Ever since learning the truth, Dean had gone things through in his mind, over and over again, slowly admitting to himself that his feelings for Sam were true. He couldn’t just brush them aside and try to forget them. They were too strong.

And he knew he had to talk to Sam sooner or later, perhaps even tell him the truth about the spell.
Although he disliked the idea, Sammy had a right to know. He only hoped that he could make him see how impossible their intimacy would be, and how he couldn’t let it happen again. Not that he didn’t want to – hell, his whole body was aching for a touch from Sammy, anything to get him through the long days of having him close but not close enough – but he couldn’t allow himself that kind of pleasure. It would be so wrong, not just socially but also morally.

Still he felt like he had to make it up to Sammy. With the money he’d just won he wanted to take Sammy out to dinner, and not just some diner or bar, but to a real restaurant and let him pick whatever his heart desired.

And then he would tell him the truth. He owed it to his little brother, he loved so dearly.

The following evening…

“So where are we going?”

“You’ll see. It’s kinda a surprise.”

Sam glanced over to his brother who was messing around with the cassette deck of the Impala.

“A surprise? Dean, you do know that’s it not my birthday, right?”

Dean turned his head to look at Sam. “Of course I do, Jerk.”
Sam couldn’t figure out what Dean was getting at. “So why a surprise?”

“Can’t I just treat my little brother to something every once in a while without having to be interrogated?”

“Well it’s just not your normal kinda thing to do, that’s all.”

“Yeah, well…whatever.”

Dean fell silent and continued driving until they stopped in front of a fancy French restaurant.

“We’re here.”

He got out of the car and waited for Sam to join him. Still wondering, Sam frowned.

“A restaurant? This is the surprise? Dude we don’t even have the money to pay for a meal in there.”

Dean ignored Sam’s protests and went ahead inside.

“Well, are you coming or not?”

Inside they were escorted to a small table and were handed the menus. Sam's amazement just increased while looking over the menu.

“Find anything you like?” Dean asked shyly.

“Are you kidding? I could order everything. It's the 'having to choose' part that's kinda hard.”

Dean couldn't help grinning. He'd done the right thing.

“So you like it here?”

“It's fantastic! But I still don't have a clue why you brought me here. What did I do to deserve this?”

Dean cleared his throat.

“Tell ye later...let's just say I have to make it up to you.”

“For what? I feel like I'm the one who should be making it up to you, not the other way around.”

Dean shook his head. “No Sammy. And after all, you're the one who got wounded.”

“Oh, like that's never happened before!”

Dean didn't know where to start, how to explain it all to Sammy. All he knew is that he wanted him to enjoy this evening before things would get serious.

“Why don't we order first and talk later?”

Sam nodded, his eyes lightening up again as he read through the menu.


Sam took his time ordering and even more so eating. He wanted to savor every moment of this meal. He still didn't understand why Dean had brought him here. For a second a strange thought crossed his mind. It's almost like he's taking me out on a date.

Every once in a while he looked at Dean, imaging being on a real date with him. It would be too funny! But sweet in a way. Dean wasn't the dating kind, and he sure as hell didn't take dates out to fancy restaurants. Except it almost seemed like it now.

Sam knew that this would be a one time thing, so he decided to enjoy it as much as he could.
He also knew that Dean was trying to make it up to him. They both had behaved like bitches at some point since the spell. Now that it was all over, it was high time to start acting normal again. No blaming, no apologies, no guilt, no chick-flick moments. They had to start acting like normal brothers again, and Sam was just about to accept that fact.

He knew he had to stop having these immoral feelings, he just had to. But only minutes later Dean was about to crush all his good intentions.

By the time they had both finished their main courses and were on to their desserts, Dean had gone through the words he wanted to say a thousand times. He was starting to become more and more nervous, the further the meal proceeded. There was no real reason for this, but that thought still didn't help. In truth, he was worried what Sam's reaction would be like. Would he get mad because he had lied to him? Or would he start embracing and kissing him at once? There was no way he could predict with certainty what Sam would do. He would simply have to wait and see.

The moment seemed close. So gathering all his courage he began his confession.

“Sam, I have to tell you something.”

Sam looked up from his plate. He swallowed the last bit of his dessert, obviously preparing for what was about to come.

Dean cleared his throat once again before taking up this tough challenge.

“I need to tell you something about me.”

Sam's eyes seemed to widen, yet he remained silent, eager to hear his brother out.

“It also has something to do with the spell. I just don't really know where to start. It's all so difficult.”
He rested his head on his arm for a minute. Then he took another sip of his beer.

Although he'd battled and killed more nasty things than anyone could imagine, he had hardly ever been truly frightened. But the task laying before him now, made him nearly shiver with fear. He was torn between his feelings for Sam and his responsibility as the older one.

Suddenly Sam leaned forward and gently gripped Dean's shoulder wanting to comfort him. He could tell something grave was troubling him, but not yet dared to think what it might be.

“It's okay. Give yourself time. If you want we can pay and take this discussion elsewhere, perhaps some place a bit more private?”

“NO!” Dean insisted quickly. “No. Now is the right time, I can't delay or I might never be able...”

The thought of telling Sam the truth when they would be alone in their motel room made him even more nervous. At least in public Sam would have to restrain his reaction, whatever it might be.

“Then tell me!” Sam urged Dean on. “Say what you have to say and I will listen.”

Dean looked up from the table directly in his brother's eyes.

“I lied to you. And I want to say that I'm sorry. I've never lied to you before and never will again. You have to believe me. But I had to. It seemed like a good idea at the time at least. And I've acted like an idiot ever since. For that I'm also sorry.”

“Hold on just a sec,” Sam interrupted. “You said you lied to me. About what Dean?”

“Like I said before, it was something to do with the spell and with my feelings...for you.”

His voice had become hardly more than a whisper.

“I don't understand.”

“I lied to you about the spell.”

Sam looked at him totally confused.

“How could you lie? You were under a spell. I don't get it. What do you mean?”

“Would you just wait, please. I'm getting to that part. And don't go jumping to conclusions. I still have some explaining to do.”

He took another swallow from his beer, empting it and quickly ordered another.

“Heather, the witch, she didn't break the spell.”

“She didn't?”

“She couldn't. But what she told me was even more significant.”


“She said that the spell was already broken. She told me that it broke the minute it's purpose was fulfilled.”

“And that was when...?”

“When I fucked you.”

Sam almost choked. He couldn't believe what his brother was saying and certainly not the bluntness on a subject he had not commented on in days.

“Which means that all the feelings I had after were not due to the spell.”

Sam looked deep into Dean's eyes trying to read his soul.

“What exactly did you feel?”

“You know, you were there!”

Sam recalled the days after the incident. They had both had had a hard time staying apart from each other, although Dean had already seemed more relaxed than at the beginning of the spell. Now it somehow to make sense. But then that also meant...

But before Sam could say anything else, Dean had already built up his courage to make his last confession.

“Sam, I love you. I truly love you. I know that now, but you have no idea how hard it was admitting it to myself and even now...”

All of a sudden he was interrupted by Sam jumping of his chair and rushing to his side. In the middle of his confession, Sam leaned towards him and pressed his lips upon his own.

For a moment the whole world seemed to stand still. Dean felt as if he couldn't catch his breath. He could feel Sam's lips moving gently before his tongue desperately begged for entrance. It was then that Dean felt his knees get weak and the walls his soul had created, finally came crushing down. When he opened his mouth to meet Sam's tongue, their kiss exploded into a wild hungry passion. All sense of reason seemed to melt away with the sweet taste of Sammy. Nothing else seemed to matter. All he wanted was to drown in this moment.
Touching each other only vaguely at first, they soon began gripping hair and pulling shirts, as their kiss deepened.

Within seconds they were the spectacle of the whole restaurant. After another minute or so, a waiter approached them and kindly asked them to leave and get a room.

“Sounds like a good idea,” Dean replied smiling, before he took Sam's hand and lead him out of the restaurant.


Driving back to the motel seemed to be harder than anticipated. Looks were exchanged, hands touched and even a kiss was placed here and there. The nearer they got to their destination, the more Dean had to struggle to concentrate on driving. All doubt and all worries of before had been blown away by a single kiss. He knew what he wanted more than anything, and if it was morally wrong, well then so be it. The Winchesters didn't care about rules of society anyway.

Sam kept on grinning all the way back. Overwhelmed by Dean's confession, at first, he now was simply happy. He had known something wasn't right with the way Dean had acted over the last couple of days, but never had he dreamt something like this might be the reason. Dean wanted him, loved him! Hearing his brother say those words was better than anything Sam could have imagined. This was not a dream, and not a spell. This was real!


They both stumbled into the motel room landing immediately on the bed. For once they were both happy to have a king size bed. Their hungry kisses continued, only interrupted by catching one's breath every now and then. Dean drank from Sam's mouth like a thirsty man would do from water.
The longer the kissed seemed to last, the more he seemed to want. Pulling at Sam's shirt, he soon managed to rip off a couple of buttons just to free him from the unnecessary clothing.

“Hey,” Sam protested, ”That was one of my best shirts!”

“I'll buy you another,” Dean replied, a cocky grin on his face.

Sam began to giggle until he suddenly felt a hot tongue lick over his nipples. The tickling sensation soon turned into a burning lust. He arched his back when Dean bit down.

“Ohhhh Dean!”

“You like that?” Sam's answer came as a moaning sound, when Dean reached the other nipple.

Shuddering with want, Sam began to dig his fingers in Dean's short hair. The feeling was so intense, but not intense enough. Licking his way to Sam's neck, Dean kissed the sensitive flesh and then slowly circled his tongue around, sucking and biting gently.

“Fuck Dean!” Sam felt his whole body tense up. He wanted more, needed it so desperately. He longed for Dean to bit down hard and at the same time he knew it would be too much. He wanted something without being able to tell what. When Dean finally pulled away from Sam's neck, their lips met again only to unleash a power even greater than before.

Releasing each other, Dean quickly pulled of his own shirt and got out of his pants. Sam followed his example, until they were both only clad in their shorts, lying in each other's arms. Sam longed for Dean right now, but at the same time he wanted to take things slow. He wanted to savor the moment even if he knew he wouldn't be able to last too long.

Looking deep into Dean's eyes, Sam began to stroke Dean's face with his index finger.

“You know I love every curve of you? Even the way your cheekbones stand out.”

Dean's eyes seemed to grow as Sam glided his fingers across his face. The sensation he felt was indescribable. Touching somebody's face is a very personal act; it needs trust. Letting Sam explore every inch of his skin was intimate, but then he trusted Sam more than any living person.

When he reached his lips, he closed his eyes and inhaled sharply. Opening his mouth, one of Sam's fingers slowly entered. Eagerly Dean began sucking it and letting his tongue play around it as he would Sam's dick. A soft moan from his brother and he knew he was doing it the right way. The finger was soon replaced by Sam's tongue again as he leaned down to claim Dean's mouth.

Pressing their bodies tightly together, they could both feel their yearning erections rubbing against each other through the thin cloth.

All of a sudden Dean flipped them both around, pinning Sam to the mattress beneath him. With his hand he gently cupped Sam's erection, feeling his heat beneath. He could sense Sam trying to move against his hand, so desperately needing he friction, but tried to stop him.

“Not yet. Be patient. I'll get you there.”

All Sam could do was whimper. Removing his hand, a damp spot was revealed. Under it, Dean could  make out the contour of his brother's cock. Seeing Sam like this, so wanting, was the hottest thing he could imagine. Gently he lowered his head until his lips met the wet spot and began to suck it. Sam bucked up from the mattress again and through his head back, trying to suppress a scream.

Using his teeth, Dean started to pull at the waistband of Sam's shorts.  Sam opened his eyes for a moment to look down at the grinning face of the older Winchester. God he looked so sexy! Along with his teeth, he added a couple of fingers fumbling at the waistband.

“For fuck sake, pull them down!” Sam ordered, not able to stand any more of this sweet torture.

“Aren't you hasty!”

Sam wiggled himself out of his shorts, Dean helping to finally free him. Seconds later Sam was pulling at Dean's shorts.

The need to see and feel his naked body was so strong, he couldn't bare it any longer. He wanted his brother, had wanted him for years just like this. Above him, devouring him.

It had almost been that way when the spell had taken hold of him. But somewhere in the back of his head he had known that Dean had been spellbound. But now he loved him, wanted him. The knowledge that all he wished for was coming true in this very moment, made tears swell up in his eyes. He couldn't hold back the emotions  any more and let them flow.

Glancing up to Sam's face, Dean saw a tear drop run down his face.

“Everything okay Sammy?”

Sam nodded.

“These are good tears, not sad tears. I guess I'm just a girl after all.”

Dean came back up again and wiped the tears away. Then he placed kissed pn Sam's cheeks and on his lips.

“No girl, I'm sure of that. Kinda have the evidence right here.” He smiled and tried to lighten the situation.

Sam giggled slightly. All of a sudden he clung to Dean, feeling the need to wrap his body against his brother's.

Holding each other for a couple of minutes Sam managed to calm down.

“I want you to enjoy this,” Dean whispered into his ear.

“I am. I truly am. Don't worry about me.”

“I always do.”

Dean smiled before pulling Sam into another deep kiss.

Within seconds their kisses grew into a passionate hunger, licking and biting each other.
In between the kisses Sam moaned into Dean's mouth, urging him on even more.

Desperate for friction, Dean began moving his erection against Sam's. Their cocks rubbed together, quickly intensifying the passion of both men. In sweet rhythm they continued rocking against each other, each moment of contact evoking another wave of unbelievable pleasure.

Sam didn't want it all to end too soon, but his body was almost at the point of giving up. A few more movements and he could feel his orgasm building up. There was no point in trying to fight it. When he came, it felt like he had exploded. Shooting his load all over Dean's stomach, he bucked up a couple of times, riding out the aftershocks of what probably was one of the most intense orgasms he had ever had.

Dean's own orgasm was close and finally took hold of him after Sam had come all over him.

“Oh fuck Sammy....that was amazing!”

After a couple of seconds, he collapsed on his brother's spend body.

A few minutes later Sam stirred beneath Dean. He loved to feel their bodies pressing together, but Dean was starting to get heavy. Gently he tried to move the dead weight of him, but Dean didn’t move one inch.

“Dean? You’re getting kinda heavy. Would you just…”

He was interrupted by a snoring sound from his brother.

“Oh no! You have not just falling asleep on top of me! Dean, DEAN!!!”

Sam’s voice kept getting louder, only to be topped by Dean’s snoring. Once more he tried pushing him off but without any success.

“Oh this is just great!”

Later on in the night Dean rolled of Sam, giving him some more room, before he decided to throw his right arm over his brother’s body, spooning him from behind. Sam woke once and smiled seeing Dean cuddling him half awake, half asleep. It felt so right, like the most normal thing in the world. He finally knew where he belonged; right here in Dean’s arms. It was like coming home, really coming home for the first time. Happy Sam fell asleep again.


When the first sunlight shown through the window, Sam slowly opened his eyes. He had had a wonderful night’s sleep, probably due to the wonderful dream he had. Dean had been with him, finally! The dream was so intense that Sam could swear he even had felt his brother’s naked body pushing up against him. He wanted the dream to last so he squeezed his eyes shut again, lingering in the moment just a bit longer. He wanted to hold on to this amazing feeling of complete delight.

All of a sudden he felt someone move beside him and then felt lips press a gentle kiss on his cheek.

“Morning baby”

Sam’s eyes flew open in amazement. Dean’s sleepy face greeted him with a smile.

“Sleep okay?”

At a loss for words Sam just stared into his brother’s beautiful eyes. He couldn’t believe it. It hadn’t been a dream. It had been real, all of it! It was almost too good to be true!

“Morning,” Sam eventually stuttered, after his memory of last night came floating back into his mind.

Dean yawned before pulling Sam closer.

“God, you smell good, you know that?”

All Sam could do was laugh.

“I’d smell better if I’d take a shower.”

“No you really do. You smell of Sammy, 100% Sammy.”

Sniffing his hair, he pulled him into a sloppy kiss. It was full of gentle love mixed with a bit of morning breath.

“But perhaps we should take a shower. I could rub your back or anything else you want rubbed…”

Moving his hand from Sammy’s back down his spine, it came to rest on his ass, squeezing it lightly.
Sam’s whole skin seemed to tingle. A touch of Dean seemed to be enough to make him hard again.

“Don’t you think it’s my turn now?” Dean raised an eyebrow.

 “After all, I was the one who bottomed last time,” Sam concluded, making Dean grin.

“If you think you can handle me, you are welcome to try!”  “Oh I will!!!”

Sam possessively wrapped his hand around Dean’s ass. 

“Nothing I can’t handle.”

Dean jumped up outta bed, pulling Sam along with him.

“Well come on then. What are we waiting for?”

Sam rolled his eyes and followed Dean in to the bathroom.

Minutes later they were both naked under the shower, touching and kissing under the warm water.

Sam’s hands wandered over Dean’s whole body, enjoying the feeling of his wet skin. After rubbing each other down, Sam gripped the shower gel and started messaging his brother’s behind. Dean began to moan and let his head fall back upon Sam’s chest. Feeling him relax, Sam slowly allowed his index finger to glide into the tight opening. To his surprise Dean opened up immediately. The warmth that welcomed him was unbelievable. It almost seemed like his brother was on fire! Pulling his finger out again, he gripped the shower gel once more, wanting to spread more on his fingers. But Dean seemed to have something else in mind. He turned his face and placed a quick kiss on Sam’s lips.

“I’m ready for you.”

Sam began to gasp for air. Dean was so beautiful right now, everything he had ever wanted.

“You’re sure?” He nodded.

When Dean turned around again, Sam took his cock in his hand guiding it slowly to Dean’s entrance.

Within seconds his full length disappeared inside his brother’s body, almost like it was being pulled in there by some unseen force.

Waves of passion rolled over Sam and almost send him tumbling over the edge, the minute his erection had made contact with the tightness and warmth of Dean. Biting his lips, he tried to keep from screaming out loud. The urge to trust in and out with all his power was hard to hold back, but he wanted to make sure that Dean was okay first. So he went slowly at the beginning, but after meeting no resistance what so ever, he began to go faster, burying himself totally inside Dean. 
Reaching downward, he could feel Dean’s own erection hot and slick. He took it in his hand and began pumping him while he placed kisses all along his neck. Dean whined and quivered. He could feel that he was close, as close as he himself was to ripping apart inside. Biting down on his neck, Sam came hard inside of Dean.


For a minute he thought he was seeing stars, but still didn’t stop pumping Dean’s cock, until he came all over his hand.

Dean had to lean against the wall to keep from falling down.

Finally he turned around to look at Sam.

“I’d say you can handle me.”

A big grin appeared on Sam’s face.


After getting out of the shower, they both dried each other of. Sam was still filled with amazement at what Dean had allowed him to do. He somehow thought it never would be that way.

Returning to the bedroom, they both lounged down on the bed, clad only in their towels. Dean laid down on his back and pulled Sam to his chest. The urge to hold him, to feel his flesh, was ever present; especially now since he had allowed the impossible to happen.

For a few moments he they just laid there together, remaining silent.

Then all of a sudden Sam popped up: “What happened Dean?”

“What do you mean what happened?”

“I mean why did you change your mind? Why did you decide to tell me the truth all of a sudden when you tried so hard keeping your feelings hidden at the beginning?”

Dean shut his eyes for a minute and drew a deep breath.

“I told you Sammy. I love you. I guess I maybe always have. I had to try and hide it, you know why. We're brothers, it's just something that should never be. It's immoral, it's wrong on so many levels.”

“But we both feel the same! How can it be wrong?”

“I fought with myself, over and over again. Tried to find some explainable reason, something that could make it plausible, but I found nothing.”

“But then why....?”

Sam looked at Dean full of doubt.

“Your kiss. Your kiss was all I needed to throw all those thoughts and doubts over board. One kiss, Sammy and I was yours. Nothing seemed to matter any more. I just knew that it was right, although it was wrong. Inside it felt right. In here...”

He tapped his chest right about were his heart was.

With watery eyes Sam leaning down and met his brother's lips. It was a soft kiss, their lips hardly touching. Pulling away, Sam looked deep into Dean's eyes.

“Glad I kissed when I did, then.”

Dean had to laugh.

“Yeah that was some kiss! Knocked some sense into me finally!”

Sam joined into the laughter. He couldn't believe that they had arrived at their own personal happy end. It was a wonderful feeling. All the years in which he had secretly loved his brother more than anyone else, were over. Now he could love him like no one in the world, and show it openly.

“So we're okay now?”

“Yeah I guess so. I mean I still have this feeling of responsibility for you, and I still feel that I should be the own protecting you from this sort of thing, but yeah, I guess we'll work it out somehow.”

“We can make it work, Dean. I know that. After all there's only you and me now.”

“And I don't need anything else.”

Dean placed another soft kiss on Sam's forehead, before Sam settled himself down on his chest once more.

“By the way, didn't you want to tell me what you and that bartender talked about back then? You promised you would tell me when it was all over.”

Sam grinned and then turned his head to look at Dean's face.

“Well let's just say she was the first one to know that we belong together.”

“Which means....?”

“I love you. That's basically what I told her. Oh, and that we fucked. But he no big deal. I mean you were under a spell after all.”

“Yeah sure,” Dean replied slightly ironic.

“Dean? You're not still under some spell, by any chance, are you?”

The answer his brother gave before pulling him into another passionate kiss was obvious:

“Sammy, I'm always spellbound by you!”

~~~~~THE END~~~~~~

tennousei: my dreamtennousei on January 25th, 2008 04:22 pm (UTC)
I have to say, that I'm really sorry about not founding this LJ of yours earlier. I read your fiction in that Sam/Dean Slash Archive site and you can imagine what was my expression when I found out that after chapter 4 there is no more chapters available. It was really awful...I mean I was reading this fiction and I was definitely begin to like it more and more with every next chapter...It has to be some sort of miracle that I found it trough Google. This is really wonderful fiction and I'm sure that I'll find some more interesting fictions in your LJ to read soon. Thx that you add me in your friends list. It's really a big honer and bigger pleasure to be part of it.
wiccaqueenwiccaqueen on January 25th, 2008 05:32 pm (UTC)
OMG! Thanks for your great reply....*blushing* Am glad you liked my fic.
Yeah I had some problems with the Sam/Dean Archive and never got an answer from them. So I started a LJ ;-)
There's also an audioversion of Spellbound here: http://jinjurly.com/audio/category/sort-byauthor/authorwiccaqueen/

I've posted some other fiction, which you can find here: http://wiccaqueen.livejournal.com/tag/my+fanfiction

I'm also writing some other fics right now, which hopefully will be finished within the next few weeks.

And I just want to say, that I always love getting new friend invitations! ;-)
tennouseitennousei on January 25th, 2008 05:45 pm (UTC)
Re: Thanks!
Cool, thx about those links you just gave to me. I will see all of them when I get home.

I'm also writing some other fics right now, which hopefully will be finished within the next few weeks. - Oh! I don't have patience to read them. Here in LJ I'm not much of writing fictions type person, 'couse English is my second/ not so good/ language as you can see ^_^ and for now I'm just reading others fictions and sometimes submitting some of my arts. But I have to say that your is just wonderful and it is pleasure to read it.

And I just want to say, that I always love getting new friend invitations! ;- - Yeah! I know the feeling. ^_^ It's nice to meet more and more ppl with whom you have something in common.
witch doctor: sigur ros | play it jonsi!creeno on February 11th, 2008 01:33 am (UTC)
=cheer!= Ah, that was an awesome fic! ♥. I was so happy to find the ending over here. :] You did great with the both of them and the spell mechanics.
wiccaqueenwiccaqueen on February 11th, 2008 10:16 am (UTC)
Glad you liked it and thanks for your wonderful comment! ;-)
Trini: Awesometrinipedia on October 29th, 2008 12:16 am (UTC)
*claps crazily*

this was incredibly good!

you totally deserve the S3 award for this Sappy, Sweet & Sexy piece of art <3
wiccaqueen: beautifulwiccaqueen on October 29th, 2008 03:43 pm (UTC)
Oh jeez *blushing again*
Thanks so much, hon!

I'm so glad you liked it! That was actually my first fic/podfic I ever did. Was really nervous about it at the time.
Trini: EyeOfTheTigertrinipedia on October 29th, 2008 03:55 pm (UTC)
no reason for you to be nervous about what youn write, EVER.

just one thing: I think you use too many exclamation points. I keep seeing the characters screaming and waving their hands like crazy, and it somehow breaks the pathos.

but that's just me and my retorted brain, you know. 'sides, apart from that you're too good for your own good.
wiccaqueen: Hidewiccaqueen on October 29th, 2008 04:06 pm (UTC)
Thanks for pointing that out! I guess sometimes I just tend to over dramatize my stuff *sighs*

Trini: EyeOfTheTigertrinipedia on October 29th, 2008 04:26 pm (UTC)
I give you this song, then. You are my favourite drama queen.


and I so want a SPN video with this song...it would totally kill me.
yvonnegosyvonnegos on December 1st, 2008 11:23 am (UTC)
Before I leave my comment, I just gotta say, I LOVE the picture at the top with Sam and Dean, god it's sooo freakin hot, specially Sam standing all dark back there *fans self*. Kay, so anyways, this is definitely the best fic I've read, it had a great beginning, middle, and end, and that's pretty rare. So amazing job, you have a lot of talent. :D
wiccaqueen: Boyswiccaqueen on December 1st, 2008 11:43 am (UTC)
Oh my, thanks a lot! I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much *hugs*

Spellbound was acutally first attempt at writing fanfiction.

If you're interested in more, you can always check out my fic master post HERE
yvonnegosyvonnegos on December 2nd, 2008 01:59 am (UTC)
Thanks! I will absolutely check out your others, and I've seen that picture (the icon) up there with Jared and Jensen before, is that an actual picture of them two, or did someone just put them closer together? :D
wiccaqueen: Arm in Armwiccaqueen on December 2nd, 2008 02:02 pm (UTC)
That header is actually not mine ;-)
I think both pictures were taken from the ne promo shoots and then just put closer together.
You can have a look at polaroidburn where I got it from ;-)
yvonnegosyvonnegos on December 2nd, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
Oh cool thank you!