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01 January 2008 @ 09:27 pm
Fiction: Spellbound 4/6  

Title: Spellbound 4/6
Dean confronts the witch and learns the truth about the spell
Disclaimer: Sam, Dean and John belong to their respected owners of the CW! I'm just borrowing them....

Spellbound 4/6

Dean needed to get his mind of things. Listening to Sam’s theory about the spell in the morning again, he was pretty sure that all would be over come nightfall. They would simply return to the bar and get Heather to break to spell or reverse it. They would try talking to her, but if she wouldn’t listen, well then they’d simply have to use force. Dean wanted to get that Bitch and teach her a lesson or two about messing with spells, and other people’s feelings.

Sam, however, suggested trying to persuade Heather. Perhaps give into to her will, and maybe then she would break the spell. But Dean couldn’t stand the idea! Although she had been fairly pretty, there was no way he was going to make out with her. Especially not since Sam had asked him to. No, this was going to work out some other way.
Dean was by far more ready to slap that witch than to kiss her.

Certain of their success, Dean was already surfing the net for a new hunt. After the spell would be broken, he was sure he’d need something to hunt right away. He wasn’t one to deal with his emotions, and he was sure he wouldn’t be able to have the talk with Sam.

So he looked through online newspapers, reports, anything out of the ordinary.

After a couple of minutes, he found an article on a mysterious string of murders, only 50 miles from here. Reading through the article, Dean jotted down the address and information of the victims. There seemed to be some sort of cycle here. People got killed three times a month. But not just on any day. They all got killed one after the other, always three nights in a row. This was definitely a pattern. Maybe a werewolf? Oh Dean was itching for a good hunt, better still if there was something he could kill, just to let of steam and forget all these emotions.

Researching wasn’t one of his greatest hobbies, either, but right now it helped him get through this long day. Made him feel that he still had control over something in his life. It was exactly what he needed; needed it not to think about Sam. So very energetic, he continued his search.

Luckily Sam wasn’t there to distract him. He had no idea where he had gone to, but hadn’t asked. Perhaps he was preparing stuff for tonight? Not that there was much to do. Or maybe he was simply grocery shopping. He really had no idea.

All he knew was that they were both avoiding each other. The spell seemed too strong and Sam couldn’t take it any more.  Dean longed to comfort him, wanted to be there for his little brother, but that’s just what Sam didn’t need.
One thing for sure: When he met Heather tonight, he would ask her how the spell works before putting the fear of God in her. Was it simply messing with his hormones, or did it go deeper? Provoke feelings of the unconscious? There were moments Dean felt that way. That there was something much bigger here. Something much stronger than a simply feeling of lust. But he wasn’t ready to go there, yet.
He had always known that his relationship to Sammy had been different, not like a normal brotherly relationship. They had always been so close. When they had been children, they had also been more physical with each other, often sharing a bed, hugging or occasionally even kissing.
But Dean had always put that down to the way they had been brought up. They had nobody to turn to for comfort but themselves. With their mum gone, and Dad not really being a very emotional person, they had sought comfort in each other’s arms.
But was that all? Were there feelings he couldn’t admit to?

The thoughts filled his mind and blurred his concentration. He tried reading through some more articles, but the words just seemed like gibberish. After shutting down the laptop, he got to take a shower.

A couple of minutes later Sam returned to the motel room, carrying a pizza. They hadn’t had anything to eat the whole day and it was already 3 pm.


After getting no reply, he sat the pizza on the table and started eating. Just then he heard the shower turn on.

So Dean was here. Sam had left hours ago, simply needing space and some fresh air. His throbbing headache still hadn’t gone away. Sam swore to himself never to drink that much again….at least not in the next couple of weeks. He hated hangovers. But this one felt even worse than the usual one.

“Dean, lunch is here,” he shouted in direction of the bathroom.
He still didn’t get any reply, but heard the shower turn off five minutes later. Obviously Dean was hungry.

A second later his brother emerged from the steamy bathroom, a towel wrapped loosely around his hips, water still dripping of his bare chest and wet hair.

“Hey thanks Dude. I’m starving!”

He opened the box and took a slice of pizza.

Sam watched him for a while, strongly aware of his brother’s nudity.

“Don’t you want to get dressed first?” Sam tried not to sound too irritated. 

“I’m hungry,” he mumbled while still chewing.

“Besides, nothing you haven’t seen yet.” He grinned. How could he grin after such a reply?
Sam nearly choked.

Then he stared at his brother, disbelieving what he had just heard. Dean quickly swallowed the rest of his pizza and tried to put on a straight face again.

“Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”

Sam just nodded, pushing the pizza in front of him away.

“You’re still gonna eat that?”

“I kinda lost my appetite.”

Dean quickly reached over and took the rest of Sam’s slice.

“This is really good.”

“Yeah, whatever.”
Sam got up and went over to his bed, letting himself drop down on the mattress.

A minute later, Dean shyly turned to his brother.

“I’m sorry Sam. Really.”

Sam raised his head and glanced over to Dean.

“I know.”

He tried to smile.

Dean ate almost silently, trying to keep his eyes of Sam.

Although Sam wasn’t under any spell, seeing Dean clad only in a skimpy towel, nearly turned his world upside down.

Dean on the other hand seemed quite relaxed around him, almost normal again. Or perhaps his hunger was simply stronger than the feelings the spell provoked. Whatever the reason, Sam was glad that for now it seemed like he only had to deal with his own feelings. Trying to suppress them wasn’t new to Sam. He had had years of training. Of course now he actually didn’t have to hide them all so secretly, Dean already knowing the truth. He could probably steal a few glances every now and then.
Dean seemed very understanding these days. His whole behaviour was a bit weird, not Dean like at all.
Sam wanted the spell to be over. Although it had given him everything he had ever longed for, it had changed his brother too. Made him more emotional, more open about his feelings. All Sam really wanted was for to Dean to be his old self again, even if that meant never touching him again.

After finishing up his late lunch, Dean moved about the room gathering some clothes. Having found his last clean t-shirt and a pair of almost clean jeans, he looked over to Sam.

“You okay?” Sam lifted his head of the pillow a bit and nodded.

“You seem to be okay too.”

“Just acting the role.”

“Well then you’re one hell of an actor!”

“I’m good at everything I do.”

And there it was. A typical Dean remark combined with a cocky smile. If Sam didn’t know any better, or had just heard it from his brother, he could have sworn that Dean was back to normal.
His whole behaviour didn’t match that of yesterdays at all. And yet he had admitted that he was only acting. Could he really suppress his feelings that well?

“I think I’d better get dressed in the bathroom.”

“Yeah, probably better.”

Sam sighed, after Dean disappeared into the small bathroom once again.

He knew Dean was trying to be nice, not tempt him too much. Still it was all driving him mad. Knowing what he had had yesterday and what he might could have if only his damn feeling of guilt and moral could go away, nearly broke his heart.

Things had to change, now.


When the sun finally began to set on this long day, Sam and Dean headed back to the bar where all this chaos had started.

Dean went ahead and found a table where they could pretty much spy on everyone coming or going. After ordering a couple of beers, Dean inquired after Sam’s last visit here.

“So you spoke to the bartender?”


“Same one as now?”

Sam glanced over to the bar and saw the friendly, chubby lady smiling in his direction.
He nodded.

“Yeah that’s her alright.”

“Maybe you should go and talk to her again. You know find out if Heather’s been here already.”

Suddenly Sam duck his head and silently took another swallow of his beer.

“I don’t think that’s such a great idea.”

“Why not?” Dean was somewhat confused.

“Let’s just say that I talked a lot of bullshit that night …I was pretty wasted.”

Dean looked at Sam in a queer way.

“Dude, what the hell did you tell her?”

Sam tried to put on his puppy face.
Obviously it was working.

“Okay whatever. I don’t really wanna know anyway. I’ll just go over and ask her myself.”

Sam quickly reached over and got a grip of his brother’s arm.
“Oh and don’t mention that you’re my brother.”

“What the….?”
Dean was really starting to get annoyed. But another pleading smile from Sam and he promised not to say anything. Damn those puppy eyes!

“Yeah okay. But later on, when this is all over, you have to tell me what you said, deal?”



A couple of minutes later Dean had all the information he needed. Heather hadn’t been here yet tonight, but the bartender was almost positive she’d be in any minute and even told him what car she drove.
Dean tipped her off and went back to the table.

“Look Sammy, I gotta take a leak. Just keep an open eye, would ya?”


Dean headed in direction of the toilets, but when he was sure Sam wasn’t watching him, headed straight for the back door, which led to the parking lot. 
He didn’t want to confront the witch in the bar and quite honestly he didn’t want Sam to be there either.
There were some things he needed to know, needed to ask her. And then there was the part where he might have to get a bit brutal, and although he normally didn’t hit women, he felt that this time round he wouldn’t have any regrets.

Out on the parking lot he waited for about five minutes before a white Toyota Yaris pulled up.
Leaning against the entrance, he watched as Heather got out of the car and walked in his direction.
She smiled as she recognized him.

“Well hello handsome. Didn’t think I’d see you around anymore.”

“Is that so? Funny, I actually thought that was exactly what you wanted, wasn’t it? Why else put a love spell on me?”

Heather’s face turned white within seconds. Seemingly astonished she tried to smile again.

“Well I’m not as bad as I thought. I knew it would work sooner or later.”

Slowly she moved forward, until she was only standing inches away from Dean.

“Oh yeah it worked.”
Dean leaned closer to her face, sensing the heat radiating from her body.
Then he bent his head down as if he was about to kiss her and lightly whispered in her ear:

“But not on you sweetie!”

Heather quickly stumbled backwards almost loosing her balance.


“Now tell me how to reverse it or I’ll make you do it yourself!”

The sudden harshness in his voice made her quiver. What had gone wrong with the spell?

“Answer me!” Dean demanded.
After catching her breath again and regaining some of her countenance, she replied in a calm voice:

“There is no reverse spell.”

“What did you say?”

“I said you can’t reverse it.”

Full of anger, Dean moved closer towards her again.

“You bitch, you did this to me. You turned my life and that of my….of someone very close to me upside down and you’re going to find a way to reverse it!”
Dean almost shouted at Heather, but he tried to keep it down. He didn’t want Sam running out to see what was going on.

“I told you, I can’t reverse it. The spell can only be broken if it’s purpose is fulfilled.”

“And what does that exactly mean?”

“Can’t you figure that one out on your own?”

Dean nearly snapped.

“I have just about had it with you! Now tell what the hell you mean, or you will wish to God that you never did that spell!”

“Okay, okay.” Heather seemed a bit more frightened than before.

“It’s simple really. All you have to do is pursue your object of desire.”

“My object of desire?”

“You have to have sex, get it? Sex with the person you’re linked with through the spell. That should do the trick.”

Dean couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Sex with Sam, that would break the spell. But he’d already done that. Thinking back, his feelings hadn’t been quite as intense after their lovemaking, but he still had to think of Sam all the time, still wanted to touch him, own him. And yet he had started to use his upstairs brain more afterwards, also regard Sam’s feelings in this. He had felt more for his little brother than just lust.

But if the spell was already broken?

Dean felt dizzy. He tried to gather his thoughts, but he still couldn’t believe it. There was no on/off button in this. His feelings had to be true. Still he had to double check every possibility.

“Are you sure that’s all?”

“Yeah I’m sure. The spell should loose it’s power the minute you ….well you know.”

Dean slowly stumbled backwards. This whole conversation had taken a strange turn.

A bit calmer, he remembered what else he wanted to ask her, especially now since it really had gained importance.

“One last question: Does the spell only mess with your hormones or is there more?”

“Well it kinda depends. If it’s on some one you’ve just met, it’s basically just a strong attraction. If it’s on someone you’ve already known a long time, it can also intensify the feelings you have for that person. Bring out the subconscious, so to say.”

Dean listened closely, but her explanation did not surprise him anymore. The tight knot in his throat just seemed to get larger and larger.

“Thanks for the info,” he finally replied.

“You mind telling me who it worked on? Because, and don’t take this the wrong way, but you seem kinda freaked out.”

Dean once more leaned closer to Heather.

“With all due respect, that’s none of your fucking business.”
And with a fake smile, he turned around and headed back into the bar.



Sam had almost finished his beer by the time Dean got back to their table.

“Dude, what took you so long? I was about to get up and start looking for you.”

“We’re leaving Sammy, now.” It wasn’t a statement, it was an order.

Dean searched for his wallet and threw a couple of dollar bills on the table.

“That should take care of the beers.”

Grabbing his jacket, he started walking to the front entrance.

“Hey Dean, would you wait just a second and tell me what’s going on?”

Dean turned to look at his confused brother.

“Later Sammy, now get your ass moving!”


After hitting the road, Dean turned up Metallica as load as he could.
Sam didn’t understand what was going on. His brother seemed pissed. But what had happened? He tried looking at him, but Dean always turned his head away. He could be stubborn if he wanted to. It was quite obvious that he was in no mood to talk. But Sam didn’t really give a damn. He reached over to the cassette deck and turned it of.

“Hey! I was listening to that!”

“I don’t care!”

Sam shifted in his seat, trying to face Dean more aggressively.

“Now tell what’s going on. What happened in there and why did we take off like that? You owe me some answers.”

Dean sighed and looked over to his younger brother.

“She broke the spell, okay?”

“What?” Sam seemed more than surprised.

“When, how?”

“Nosy much?” Dean grinned and then thought of something to say. He wasn’t prepared to lie to Sammy, but wasn’t eager to tell him the truth either. If Sam knew that Dean had real feelings for him, apart from the spell, there would be no stopping him. And Dean couldn’t let that happen. They were brothers after all and as the older one Dean had the responsibility. He slipped once, sharing those wonderful moments with Sam, touching him, exploring him. But he wasn’t about to let anything like that happen again. It just wasn’t possible.

“I met her outside. She appeared to be quite cooperative. I simply asked her to break the spell and she did. End of story. Satisfied?”

“That was all? You’re leaving anything out?”

Dean shook his head and tried to focus on driving again.
“Then why didn’t you get me to help you?”

“Sam, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your help anytime, but in this case I really didn’t need any help, not even yours. I can handle a little witch all by myself.”

“Oh well” Sam resigned.

He leaned back in his seat and turned his head to the window. Gazing out he thought about what Dean had just told him. The spell had been broken, just like that. It was over. He should have already noticed it before. Dean wasn’t really the emotional guy after returning to his table.
Sam longed to discuss the whole matter, find out why it all happened, how Dean felt now, but there was clearly no point. For Dean this whole nightmare was over, or at least that’s what Sam thought.
He wouldn’t get his brother to talk about his feelings. Dean would simply deal with it in his own way, which meant not dealing with it at all, and move on to their next job.

Sam sighed once more as he looked out into the dark night.
The dream he had had, somewhere deep down, the possibility of it, even if it wasn’t real, had all vanished.

“You okay Sammy?”

“Yeah sure,” Sam replied, still staring out into the vast darkness of night.

And when he was sure his brother didn’t see, he let a small tear run down his cheek.

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