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01 January 2008 @ 09:12 pm
Fiction: Spellbound 2/6  
Title: Spellbound 2/6
Dean tries hard not to give into the spell...and fails...
explicit m/m sex scenes
Sam, Dean and John belong to their respected owners of the CW! I'm just borrowing them....

Spellbound 2/6

Sam’s whole world went dark. Numb with amazement, he let Dean’s tongue enter his mouth, feeling his warmth. How had he longed for this moment! He finally admitted it to himself. This was all he had ever wanted, what had always been denied, because it was simply not possible. They were brothers! And Dean had always been straight.

Dean moaned into his younger brother’s mouth. His soft lips, his sensual strokes with his hot tongue were almost too much for him. God Sam could kiss good!

All of a sudden Sam’s hands came between their chests, now almost leaning upon one another, and softly shoved his brother’s body away.

Catching his breath again, he stared at Dean.

“What the hell, Dean?”

Sam was hurting. He had always wanted this, wanted to feel those lips, taste them, but this was still wrong. This wasn’t Dean.

“Sammy, Sammy I’m sorry....I don’t know, I just can’t stop. It just came over me. You’re so fucking gorgeous. I never noticed.”

Dean looked down on Sam, scanning his whole body. His tight t-shirt and short boxers didn’t really hide much. He could see his abs, could make out the swelling, slowly growing between his legs. He longed to lean forward and touch each and every inch of his brother’s beautiful body.

“Dean, this isn’t you. I know...” Sam’s voice trailed of. He wished it were Dean, but it wasn’t.

Maybe he was possessed.
Sam quickly reached down into his duffel bag and took out a small bottle of holy water.
Dripping it over Dean’s forehead he spoke the necessary words to make a demon visible: “Christo!”
No Reaction. Dean only shuck his head.

“Sam, I’m not possessed!”

Sam let the small bottle slid into the bag again and then sat back on his bed, head in his arms.

“Sammy, Sammy!”

Dean leaned down and tried to see into his brother’s worrisome face.

“Dean, this isn’t you!” he insisted, a small tear running down his right check.

“Believe me, I wish it were. It must be some sort of spell or something.”

Dean took Sam’s shaking hands into his own and tried to calm him.
Then he looked him back into the eyes. “I can’t stand it to see you in pain.”

But then something in him changed.
“Why did you say I wish it were?”

Sam bit his lower lip. How could he let his guard down so simply, when all these years he had been so strong? But he couldn’t lie to himself any more, and not to Dean. Not now.

“Dean, I’ve always had these feelings.”

The shy voice of his brother slowing turning his face away, trying to hide any sort of emotion, made Dean even more desperate.

“You did? Since when? Why did you never tell me?”

“Dean, would it have made any difference? You weren’t  gay, you aren’t gay and you never will be.
Besides, I thought it would destroy our relationship for ever.”

Dean was now almost near to sobbing himself.
But instead of crying, he stood up and pulled Sam’s red, tearful face to his stomach and wrapped his arms around him.

“Oh God, Sammy!”

Suddenly Sam got up from the bed and embraced his brother. He knew it was wrong, but he needed him, needed him now.

Dean drew his fingers into Sam’s curly, messed up hair. Cradling his head for a couple of minutes, he placed kisses on his forehead, his cheeks and his nose.

“Sammy don’t cry! I didn’t know. What cross you must have had to bare all this time alone!”

Sam seemed to calm down in his brother’s strong arms and let himself fall deeper into his emotions.
His mouth leaned down and found Dean’s bare neck, kissing lightly at first, before starting to lick and bit.
Dean’s head pulled back and a deep sound of pleasure escaped his mouth.

“I know I shouldn’t Dean,” Sammy mumbled during the kissing.
His brother shook his head.

“Sammy, I don’t know what is happening to me, but nothing has ever felt so good before!”

Sam’s kisses intensified until finally Dean couldn’t hold back any more and claimed his brother’s mouth again.
Their kiss this time was long and deep, full of desperate emotion and suppressed feelings, finally breaking free.
Dean’s tongue explored Sam’s mouth, every small corner, yearning for more.
Every logic thought seemed to vanish from his mind.
Kissing his younger brother seemed absurd, but so right at the same time! His blood began to leave his head more and more, heading south.

The longer the kiss lasted, the more Dean became aroused.
He could feel his dick harden, rubbing achingly against his shorts.
Sam let himself fall into the most wonderful kiss he had felt and simply lost control. All thoughts of guilt were out of his mind. Feeling Dean’s dick press against his own growing hardness, nearly drove him mad.

So Dean might be under a spell, or whatever, but Sam simply didn’t care right now.
He wasn’t as strong as he should be.

As Dean slowly pulled away from the kiss to breathe, he whispered into Sam’s ear:

“I love you Sammy. And God help me, I want you!”

Dean’s words went straight down Sam’s pants. It was almost better than being touched.
How had he longed for those words? He finally knew that now.

But at the same time the words seemed to hurt him. Dean didn’t mean it, not his Dean.
His Dean would pull away and be disgusted. And he loved his Dean. He couldn’t do this to him.
If the spell broke, he would hate him for not having stopped it.

As hard as it was for Sam, he slowly pulled away from his beloved big brother.

The expression on Dean’s face almost tore Sam apart.

But he moved further and further away, his head shaking.

“Dean, as much as I want you, need you, I can’t!” he pleaded.

“We both know, deep down that something is wrong here. So desperately wrong. You would never act like this.”

Dean opened his mouth but the words just stuck in his dry throat.

“Sammy?” he asked, his voice nearly breaking.

“Please Dean! I’m doing this for you, for us! For us as brothers! You would hate me.”

“I could never hate you!” Dean insisted.

As Sam sat on his own bed again, Dean’s mind started to work again.
He couldn’t explain this feelings, but strong as they were, it hurt him so much to let go of his Sammy.
Still Sammy was right, somehow.

“It must be a spell,” Dean stuttered as it finally hit him.

“It’s the only explanation.” Sam concluded.

“Good, so we agree? We don’t do anything that might hurt the other in the end?” Sam asked shyly.

Dean nodded.

“Do you have any idea who might have...?”
Sam asked without looking at Dean. He knew he wouldn’t be able to keep to his word if he looked him in the eyes. Those beautiful green eyes!

“No,” Dean said dryly, his body still aching, needing his brother’s touch more than anything.

“Well, we have to figure out who could have done it, and how to reverse it. I’ll start research tomorrow.”

Sam turned, looking away from Dean.

He heard Dean moan and tried to calm him by saying:
“We should try and get some rest. Maybe things will be better in the morning.”

After he had spoken the words, he knew they were wrong. It wouldn’t be better in the morning, it would never be better...not for him. He had finally given in to his true feelings, letting his guard down.
He would never be able to change that. Dean would always know how he felt.
Curling up in sorrow,  knowing that tonight he might just have lost his brother, Sam tried to sleep.

When Dean woke the next the morning he felt as if his head was going to split. Rolling over, he tried to turn away from the daylight, shinning into the small motel room.
Groaning, he finally swung his legs out of bed and decided to get up.
At first his memory of the night before was blurry. After he splashed a hand full of cold water into his face, things seemed to clear up.

Sam. He had kissed him, had kissed his little baby brother, and not all like a brother would. They had kissed like lovers, had embraced and had falling into a sensual and almost sexual experience.
Just thinking of it all again made his head spin. God, he still couldn’t shake these feelings!

Returning from the bathroom, Dean found Sam’s bed empty, but already made up.
He must have left early in the morning, probably already starting on his research.

Dean grinned as he thought of Sam’s confession last night. Why had he never noticed it before? He tried hard to remember moments when Sam would have left his guard down. Perhaps he had looked at him differently every now and then? Dean couldn’t recall. He had been blinded all these years.


Sam had been in the local library for hours now. Slowly his stomach started to graul. But there hadn’t been time for breakfast. He had stumbled out of the motel room at 7.30 am this morning, hoping Dean would not wake up. He didn’t dare to talk to his brother or even look at him.
Perhaps the spell had worn off, but even if that were the case, Dean would still know his real feelings.

Sam stretched his legs and yawned. He hadn’t slept much and desperately needed something with caffeine. But he couldn’t stop yet, not until he had found something.

After another 30 minutes, he found a book on love spells. Some of the spells were really amateur like, but others seemed quite powerful.
He typed most of the information in his laptop, scanning over the words over and over again.
Still, he had no idea who could have done this to his brother, or for what reason.

Dean switched from one channel to the next, wondering what housewives found to do every day. Daytime TV was crap! Finally he settled for Nick, showing re-runs of Spongebob. He had never seen the show, but for some reason he decided to watch an episode.
After a couple of minutes he was laughing so hard as he hadn’t in years. God, Patrick was soooo stupid! 

Just before slipping into another laughing spree, the door opened.

Shyly his younger brother entered  the room. Dean looked up and tried to catch sight of Sam’s facial expression. But Sam quickly moved out of Dean’s sight, sitting down by the small table.

“Sam?” Dean asked uncertain.

Sam’s mood didn’t seem much changed since last night. It hurt Dean to see him like this. He had to do something to lift his spirits.

“I’ve made coffee and got some donuts!”

Dean wanted to reach over and pour Sam a cup, but he backed off.
Instead he took a chocolate donut and filled his empty stomach. Looking at the TV, he gazed over to the older Winchester and finally smiled again.

“Spongebob?” he asked, suppressing a giggle.

Dean quickly reached over to the remote control and turned the TV off.

“I wasn’t watching it! Just zapping around,” he tried to defend himself.

“Oh yeah? I thought I heard you laugh.”

“Yeh, so what?”

“And you make fun of my reading poetry. At least that’s culture.”

“Well what do you think Spongebob is? Pop culture.”

“Do you always have to win?”

“Yep, that’s what big brothers are made for.”

Sammy smiled, and Dean grinned.

They were brother’s again, almost normal. If only Dean didn’t feel his heart beginning to pound under his chest.

Sam was so pretty when he smiled under those thick, curly strands of hair.
All of a sudden, both men fell silent again, just looking at one another.

This is what Sam hadn’t wanted all morning. And yet, just now, it had seemed as if everything was back to normal. Perhaps the spell had been broken somehow?

He tried to read his brothers face, but there were a million expressions there, he couldn’t decipher.
Finally he gazed in a different direction, no longer being able to stand the eye to eye contact.
Instead, he poured himself a cup of coffee and eased a bit whilst drinking the first swallow.

Dean pulled himself out of his hypnosis. His mind kept saying how absurd this was, but every sign of his body told him just the opposite.
Hell, even the way Sammy ate his donut, spreading chocolate all around his lips, looked sexy.
How Dean longed to just grab hold of Sam and kiss, lick and bite those sensual lips.
He noticed how he was having difficulty to breathe. A heavy weight seemed to rest on his chest.
Trying hard to keep his countenance, he also poured himself a cup of coffee and settled at the small table a cross from Sam.

“So did you find anything?”


Sam opened his laptop, having finally finished his donut. Quickly he licked over his lips, not wanting too much attention from is brother, as he tried to rid himself from the rest of the chocolate.
But Dean had still seen. He was literally hanging on his lips, quivering at the sight of his licking. What might that tongue feel like in other spots? Warm, hot and slick?

Dean couldn’t control himself and let out a moaning sound.                        

The younger Winchester starred at him, then quickly looked back at the laptop and stared to fill Dean up with the information he’d found.

After talking for about 15 minutes he had filled Dean in on the love spells he thought were plausible.

“Especially the last one,” he pointed on the screen of his laptop “is interesting. It simply intensifies the feelings for a person.”

He gazed over to Dean, who hadn’t took his eyes of Sam all the time.


“Well, it could turn a brother’s love into something stronger – intensify.”

Dean’s face lightened up. Sam could only imagine what was going on in his brother’s mind. Even if Dean had never been the brainy type, he sure wasn’t this slow normally.
“So you think that might be the spell I’m under?”       

“It could be, I’m not sure. But why would someone cast a normal love spell on brothers? It doesn’t make any sense. The spell also works on the last person you thought of in an emotional way. Whoever did this to you, probably wanted the spell to work on them and not on me. But then something went wrong...”

He fell silent and observed his older brother. Did he understand what he was trying to say?

“Dean, I need to know when these feelings...” he stuttered, “when the spell first set in. What were you thinking of just before?”

Dean sipped the last of his coffee and starred at Sam. Oh my God, not the puppy look again!

“I was thinking of you. I saw you laying on the bed and thought how cute you looked.”

“You what?!” Sam nearly choked on his coffee.

Perhaps this wasn’t the right spell. Dean would never think he was cute and admit to those thoughts.
“Are you sure that’s when the spell set in?”

“Pretty much. I went to bed normal that night and woke up, well, ye know.”
Sam nodded. He still found it hard to believe. Why would Dean think he was cute?

“Okay, well I guess I just have to keep on looking around, maybe it’s a different spell.”

Dean looked amazed. His brother didn’t believe him.

“But we still have to figure out who could have laid the spell on you. Any ideas?”

It was quite obvious that Dean was in no state to think logically.
He still looked at Sam, eyes growing with hunger.

“Sam, why don’t you believe me?”


“That I think you’re cute. It’s the truth. I think you’re the cutest guy I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah, and that’s our problem right there. Dean, you don’t think guys are cute, normally. You would never do that.”

“How do you know?”

Sam looked at Dean. Could he possible mean...? No, Dean was straight, no argumentation. It was clearly the spell taking hold of him again.

Before Sam could react, his brother was by his side, pulling him up towards his hungry mouth.
The kiss came somewhat surprisingly, but Sam still could have stopped it.
Instead, his knees went weak as Dean’s tongue began once again to explore unknown territory.

God his brother could kiss good!

He began to pull at his shirt, wanting to touch the bare skin beneath, feel his warmth.
Sinking deeper into the kiss, Dean guided Sam to the bed and together they rolled upon it, still mouth to mouth, tongue on tongue.

Dean pressed the whole length of his body upon his younger brother lying beneath him.
He wanted to feel him, every damn inch of his hot body!

Quickly he reached down and caught hold of his shirt, pulling it of with one grip.
Sam looked amazed, but willingly let his brother proceed, claiming his mouth again.

Seconds after Dean was topless as well. Sam starred at his abs, giving him pleasure ever since he had hit puberty. Now he could finally let his fingers move over them, taste the skin.
As Dean leaned down on him again, pushing his hardness against his brother’s, Sam completely lost it.
He threw his head back and began to murmur:
“Oh God Dean, fuck...”

Every thought of the spell, of this not being Dean, vanished.

Then he felt those sinful lips crawl down the side of his neck, the tongue moving up and down, teasing him. He felt a shudder go right down his spin into his ass.
Dean played with him, his mouth hovering every now and then over the spots he’d just licked. It drove Sammy mad.
Dean looked up and found a cursing Sam.

“For fuck sake, Dean! Bite me!”

“If that’s what you want.”

Dean grinned and leaned back down, driving his teeth into the sensitive skin of Sam’s neck.
Sam’s whole body vibrated.                                 

God it felt sooo good! Sam’s brain was pudding. His body becoming one piece of hard steel, aching for his brother.

Leaving a neck full of hickkies behind, Dean’s tongue moved across Sammy’s chest, stopping at his nipples. He slowly began to suck one, his tongue wrapping around the nub.

Sam moaned and continued babbling foolishness.

Heading down to his belly, Sam began to giggle. He was very sensitive, but also very ticklish.

Finally arriving at his pants, Dean’s right hand began to fumble the buttons open.
His left hand played around the hardness beneath before gripping it through the jeans.

“Oh fuck Dean!”

“Since when do you swear, Sammy?” Dean asked in his bedroom voice.

Sam’s dirty talk made him become harder than he even thought possible.
His hands were trying harder to open up Sam’s pants.

“Dammit Sammy! Why can’t you wear jeans with a zipper?”

His younger brother didn’t answer. Sunken in his own pleasure he hadn’t even understood the words.

Finally as Sam’s jeans and boxers came off, Dean looked amazed.

“Hell Sammy, when did you become so big?”

Beholding Sam’s hard, leaking cock, Dean leaned his head down.
He started placing kisses on the inside of his thighs, letting his tongue play around the actually object of his desire.

Sam was groaning and started to press his hips against Dean’s body.
Hell, why didn’t he touch him where he needed it most?          

“Not so fast little brother. I want to make this a long lasting memory.”

He grinned before letting his tongue roll softly over the head of Sammy’s cock.
Sam began to squeal like a girl. Dean had to suppress a giggle, not wanting to tease Sam.
Instead he began to like of the precome very gently, hands holding his legs up.
When he finally took all his length in his mouth, Sam felt like exploding.

He had never felt anything so good, so damn hot! He felt like coming right now, but was scared of what Dean might think.
Hell, was Dean really starting on a blow job? His brain set in only for a moment, before all senses were solely filled up with pleasure again.

Dean had never done anything like this before. He wanted to take things slow, make it good for Sam and not hurt him in any way.
Sucking around his brother’s dick, he began to move his mouth up and down.
Every now and then his tongue would find it’s way into the small slit, causing Sam to swear even more.

Sam’s hands were in Dean’s short hair, grabbing and playing with it.
He opened his eyes to find his beloved brother smiling at him, before his mouth came down on his hardness once more.
It was the hottest thing he had ever seen. He tried to look away, but was glued.

“God, Dean!”

Whatever Dean was doing, it was right, so right!
Pleased with himself, he speeded up and used one hand to massage Sam’s balls.

“Oh fucking God!”                         

He realised Sam tensing up, grinding his whole body against his own.
He was close. Another lick, another grip.

Sam came hard, shouting his brother’s name.

Dean was surprised at the amount of come he could produce, but swallowed every drop eagerly wanting to taste his brother.

When Sam slowly came down from his abyss, shivering all over, Dean licked him one last time before freeing his mouth of Sammy.
He came to rest next to him, pulling him close to his heart, that was pounding out of control.

“Do you hear that?” Sam asked out of breath.

“That’s the sound of my heart. That’s what you do to me.”

Dean smiled and kissed the younger Winchester passionately. Sam tasted himself, a weird but yet pleasing experience.
Leaning back from the kiss, Dean still had a cheesy smile in his face.

“Was it good?”

Sam starred at him with eyes wide open.

“You gotta ask that?”

“Well, not really. Since you already proclaimed me to be a God!”

Dean laughed, while Sam took his pillow and through it at him.



As Dean laid back down, Sam’s head came to rest on his chest.
It felt so good! Everything seemed so right, although he knew it wasn’t.
But this wasn’t the time to feel guilty. He know he would in the end, but for long as possible, he wanted to enjoy this.
His hands reached down, finding somewhat surprised that Dean still had his pants on.
Quickly he removed them to find Dean still very much aroused.
Sam kissed his way down, licking and biting a bit. Dean seemed to enjoy it and closed his eyes, letting Sammy do whatever he wanted.

Dean’s cock wasn’t unfamiliar to Sam. He had seen his brother like this before, many o’times.
Often he had watched him jerk off unnoticed...but this was different. This was the effect he had on Dean.

Chocking on his dry mouth, Sam started to kiss the large, sinful cock of his brother.

When Sam had closed his lips around him all the way, Dean felt like crying.
The warmth, the smoothness of Sammy’s mouth felt so perfectly right! It almost felt like coming home.
However he didn’t want to come in Sam’s mouth.

Pushing his hands in that gorgeous, messy hair, he slightly lifted his brother’s head up.

Sam looked confused. Was he doing something wrong? Did Dean still want this or had he changed his mind?

“Sammy, stop thinking!”
He could read his facial expressions all too well.

“Sammy, I want to fuck you.”

The words seemed to cut through the silence now in the room. For a moment Sam didn’t move.
Both men just looked at each other trying to figure out if this was real.

“Sammy?” Dean asked uncertain.
He pulled him back and kissed him deeply.

“If you don’t want to it’s okay, really. I won't be mad.”

But Sam shook his head.

“No, I want to, it’s just....it’s just...I can’t believe you really said that.”

Dean smiled, jumping out of bed and grabbing a small tube from his duffel bag.
Sam looked amazed.

Back at his side, Dean kissed his brother once more, before laying him on his back and spreading his legs. Sam looked a bit confused.

“Wouldn’t it be easier the other way around?”

“I want to see your face. To see all those cute expressions.”

Dean licked his way downward once again, touching Sam’s sensitive opening.
The younger Winchester began to moan and through his head back in pleasure.
Obviously Dean was doing something right. Spreading a good amount of lube on one of his fingers, he slowly began to enter, eyes on Sam.

“Does it hurt?” Dean asked uncertain.

Sam breathed hard before answering.

“No, it just feels strange. Keep going.”

“Okay, just try to relax. I won’t hurt you.”

Sam searched for his brother's eyes, giving him comfort. There was truth in everything he said. He would never hurt him.
Moments later Sam’s body relaxed and Dean added another finger, longing to feel the warmth and tightness of him.
After Sam seemed to have adjusted, Dean began to move his fingers, searching for the sensitive bundle of nerves he had read about.
As Sam cried out Dean’s name once again, he smiled and leaned towards him.

“Seem to have found what I’ve been looking for.”

He brushed his lips over the muscles of  his abdomen, placing kisses everywhere.

“Tell me what it feels like. Is it good?” he asked teasingly, before licking over the more ticklish parts again.

“Ah hmmm...” Sam’s voice trailed of. He felt as if he couldn’t breath, starting to pound against his brothers fingers.

“I think....I think I’m ready,” he stuttered.

Dean knew what he meant, but still the thought of it made him blush.
Just thinking about his dick, now harder than before, entering....
God he needed it, he needed to feel Sammy now!
Without a moment’s hesitation, he guided his penis into the soft entrance and slowly pushed his way forward.

He looked again trying to read his younger brother’s feelings.
Still moaning, he stretched his hips higher, and placed his legs over Dean’s shoulders, making it easier for him to push all the way in.
The tightness now surrounding him made him dizzy. Sammy felt so good, so right!
This was a sensation it had never known before.
For a moment he thought of all the women he’d had. Sure, it had been pleasure, but nothing like this! This was incredible.
He wanted to feel his brother, make him moan and cry.
But somewhere in his lust filled mind, he remembered to take things slow. He wanted to make this good for Sammy.

After waiting a couple of seconds, making Sam familiar with what rested inside of him, Dean finally began to move.

“Oh God! Please Dean, fuck me!”

“Yes Sir!” Dean replied jokingly, but then had no more breath for words.

As he thrusted harder and harder, Sam began to sigh, moan and swear even more.

Somehow Dean had never thought his brother could be like this. Not that he had ever before imagined him having sex....but he had! The thought hit him unawares. He had thought of Sam in this position lots of times. How he would make noises and shift his body. God, he had imagined him thousand of times, but then buried those visions deep down, so deep, he had almost forgotten about them.

Feeling Sammy around his most tender parts, made the visions become so vivid again, until they began to melt with reality.

Not taking his gaze of the younger Winchester, Dean had soon found a rhythm they both seemed to enjoy.

Sam shifted his hips, pushing them higher and higher.

This made it possible for Dean to trust even further inside of his brother, almost ripping him apart.

“Dean, Dean, Dean!” Sam shouted again and again, whilst his brother drove him mad, hitting his sensitive nerves over and over again.

Knowing Sam was close to the edge, Dean reached down and took his hardness in his hands, fisting it tightly.

It was only seconds until his semen covered both bodies.

With this image before his eyes, Dean thrust one more time, burying himself in his brother, before his own orgasm ripped him apart.

He fell like a stone upon Sam, breathing hard. His whole world seemed to have faded and left him in a place filled with warm light.

Sam was the one to recover first. Blinking his eyes open again, he smiled like a little boy.

How long had he waited for this? Longed desperately for what had just happened?

His heart seemed to have wings that flapped against his chest. It almost felt like waking up on Christmas morning, the heart full of happiness. At least that’s what Sam thought a normal Christmas morning should be like, not that he’d ever experienced something of the sort.

But this was even better!

Minutes later Dean began to move again, still unable to speak.

“Dude, would you mind getting off? You weigh like a tone! Must be all that fast food gettin to ye!”

Dean grinned at Sam.

“Shout up! At least I’m not the one who got us both messed up.”

Gazing down at both their stomachs, Sam blushed.

As Dean finally gently slipped out of his lover, he caught Sam’s face with his hands and traced his chin.

“You know you look even cuter post coitial. Almost like you’re glowing.”

Then he pulled his head closer to his and their lips found each other again.

Seconds later Dean flung himself out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

Sam was a bit worried by this. Had he done something wrong? 
His eyes trying to say ‘hey, what about the loving after play?’.

Dean turned, the door handle in his hand and gazed back at his lonely brother.
What a pitiful sight. He almost looked like a child who just had it’s lollipop stolen.
Poor Sam!

“I just need to pie, Sammy,” he tried to excuse his behaviour.

Sam only now noticed his expression.

“Oh, no I didn’t mean....”

But the door was already closed.

Again it appeared to him that this was still kinda odd.
He didn’t actually know how Dean behaved after having Sex. Probably he would normally take off without much ado.
But what would happen now?

All of a sudden, Sam felt a knot build up in his stomach again.

The spell.
He’d almost forgotten.
Dean was under a love spell, that’s why he acted the way he did.
This would have never happened otherwise.

Just after getting up out of bed, the bathroom door opened again.

“Hey Sammy, wanna take a shower? Since we both need to get ourselves cleaned up, I thought we could jump...”

As he caught sight of Sam, quickly getting up and searching the room for his clothes, he knew something wasn’t right.

Worried, he rushed to his side.

“What’s wrong Sammy?”

But Sam didn’t look at Dean, trying hard to stay focused and find his clothes.

Dean stepped forward and gripped hold of Sam’s arms, forcing him to stand still and look at him.

“What’s wrong Sam? Tell me. Did I hurt you? Do you regret this?”

Dean’s words went so deep down. God, did he have to sound like he was close to crying?
Sam struggled to get away from his older brother, but not really wanting to.

“Sam?” Dean pleaded again.

Finally, Sam shook himself free and looked Dean directly in the eyes.

“You wanna know what’s wrong with me? I’ll tell you what’s wrong. This! It should have never happened, we should have never let it come to this, I should have never let it come to this!”

Sam began to shake while nearly shouting the words.

Now Dean was really close to crying.

The damn spell had intensified his female side way too much.

“Why?” he chokingly replied.

“The curse, the spell, have you already forgotten? Dean, you’re gonna hate me when you’re back to normal. I’ve just ruined everything, our friendship, our relationship as brothers!”

Dean looked down at his empty hands. Moments ago they had both been so happy, so close, so perfect together. He had forgotten.

He had totally forgotten about what had caused these weird feelings, which now somehow didn’t seem so weird any more.

At a loss for words, he tried to reach out to Sam, who simply shook his head.

“No Dean. We can’t. We shouldn’t have done this. Now we’ll burn in hell and you’ll hate my guts, and it’s all my fault!”

“It’s not your fault Sam!”

“How can you say that?” Sam asked furiously.

“You’re not responsible for my actions. I’m the older brother, if anything, I should be the one to blame. I know what’s right and it’s my duty to look out for you. But Sam, this...we couldn’t fight it. I couldn’t, and you just gave in. You let yourself fall and it was right! You know it was. You felt it too, didn’t you? I know you did!”

Sam was close to just breaking down and crying. Dean was not the emotional type.
Seeing him like this was almost too much. One of them had to be strong, and Dean didn’t seem capable of this right now.

“Dean, just don’t ...okay?”

Sam couldn’t think of anything else to reply, not wanting to discuss this subject any longer.
It was clear that Dean was still very much lead by the spell.

A few seconds later Sam had finished dressing.

Dean sat at the end of his bed, head resting in his arms.

Neither of them spoke a word.

Sam grabbed his laptop off the table, quickly shoved it into his bag and headed for the door.

“Dean, look I have to get some more research done. I think it’s clear I can’t do it here with you. So I’ll head out. See ya later.”

“Where are you going?” Dean asked, looking up.

“I don’t know.”

Swinging the door open, Sam left the motel room and a shattered brother behind.

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