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20 November 2007 @ 07:29 pm
3x07 Fresh Blood  

3x07 Fresh Blood

What I thought of the newest SPN epsiode?

First of all, I have to say that I found it great to see Gordon again. I love his character. He is so truly badass, and a great actor! I really like the idea of having im as a villian again and the fact that he was turned into a vampire was so cool! I didn’t see that coming, but that was real justice. Of course the way he died in the end was kinda cruel, but more to that later....

Just a quick note on the vamp at the beginning: Wasn’t that the girl who played Harmony in Buffy? So cool. Really like seeing her again, also as a vampire ;-)

I also liked the fact that Sam and Dean finally talked openly about the demon deal and Dean’s fate. I loved it when Sam put his foot down and told Dean just how scared he really was, and how he knows, because he’s his brother and no one knows him better. Ahh!!!

That was really nice and long overdue in my opinion. Especially I liked it when Dean didn’t fight against it, but stayed there with Sam.

To stay on the topic of the boys, I think this episode really wanted to show the dark side of Sam once again. The way he killed Gordon without any hesitation and any weapon, was really unexpected. I think they’re really hinting at the fact that Sam is part demon now, or whole demon? Well whatever, I think it’s interesting to see him change, but at the same time I’m kinda scared because I can’t tell where they’re heading with this yet.

Quick note on Bela: I must say I hated her in this episode! The fun bits she brought in last time, made her character tolerable. But now? I’ve quite changed my mind, and wouldn’t mind in any way if Dean really would kill her.

The last scene I thought was the most beautiful one, very touchy feely. I even had tears in my eyes. Dean was so cute, and so sad at the same time. It seems that he is now really accepting his fate. But poor Sammy! What will he do when Dean is gone? Really a great, great scene!

Favourite Quote: “I wish you would just drop the show and be my brother again...cuz...just cuz” (Sam)

All in all I think I’d give the episode a B +

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