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17 November 2007 @ 11:12 am
Fiction: Spellbound 1/6  

: Spellbound 1/6
Author: wiccaqueen    
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dean falls under the spell of a witch that might change his life forever...
Warning: underage sexual behaviour implied, Dean/OFC
Sam, Dean and John belong to their respected owners of the CW! I'm just borrowing them....

Spellbound 1/6

The air in the small, dim lit bar smelled of smoke, alcohol and something distinct masculine. Just the sort of atmosphere Dean Winchester was drawn too, just the place to earn a couple o’ hundred dollars needed for the next hunt. There were two choices: Either playing poker with a few locals - drunks the most - or a pool table. Dean chose the pool table which stood in a darker corner of the bar. Now all he needed to find was a suitable partner. Just as he moved in the direction of the table, a black haired beauty approached him.
Perhaps tonight would be his lucky night!

Sam Winchester, hating these small out-of-town bars, sat at a table, sipping his coke and trying hopelessly to focus on a book he’d just bought. However he could not escape watching his brother throw a cheesy smile at the woman who was talking to him.

God, Dean, it’s so obvious! Could he try and not lay it on so thick? After a few moments they both moved to the pool table, Dean already wrapping his arm cautiously around her thin waist. She giggled and whispered something into his ear.

It seemed Dean was hoping for more than just winning a couple of dollars. Sam lowered his head again and read a few more lines. But for some reason he couldn't make sense of the words in front of him. Damn it! He hadn’t even had a drink yet. Of course he knew the reason for this mind spinning and his heart beginning to race.

Ever since they had been teenagers, Sam hated to watch Dean hook up with a girl, but he had many o’ times. He always pretended that it didn’t bother him, but deep down inside he knew he was only lying to himself.

Still he kept to his place and gazed over his book, the newest edition of ‘Poetry of the Romantics’. He loved those words which seemed like jewels in his mouth when he read them out loud. The pictures they painted, the emotions they evoked, everything about expressions in this style.

“My love is like a red red rose,
That’s newly sprung in June:
My love is like the melody,
That’s sweetly play’d in tune...” (Robert Burns)

After reading such a poem his heart felt full again and he knew that this feelings had to be true. For at least once in his life he would want to feel like this, full of love, sick with love. With Jess it had been different. He had loved her, of course, but they had always been friends. He had never fallen head over heels for her.

After he read the last words of the poem, he closed his eyes for a moment and then gazed back over to the pool table. The game was well on its way, however Dean seemed to play worse than he normally did. Maybe he was being distracted? Or maybe he wanted to let his partner win? Damn it Dean, we need the money!

Then he saw his older brother turn his head and look in his direction. His perfectly green eyes almost glowing in the mist of this dim light. He threw him a grinning smile. God he was beautiful! Like a wild, red rose....

All of a sudden Sam blushed and instantly lowered his head again. If Dean ever noticed the way his brother looked at him sometimes, he sure didn’t talk about it. Although this had been going on for some years....

Sam had first noticed these feelings when he was about 14. 

Dean had started building up muscles in the last year. He thought it would be good for hunting, having more strength and becoming faster. He wanted to impress John with his abilities, but also he wanted to simply have a more masculine body. After all, he was now 18 and becoming a real man.
So whenever they sat around some motel room, Dean would grip his barbells and start his workout.
It was the same every time, well almost, until one day Sam realized something.

He was sitting on the bed doing research on their latest case. He wasn’t much interested in workout, at least not yet. They were on another missing persons case in no man’s land somewhere in Montana. So Sam read through some local newspapers in hope of finding some information.

Dean was never one to study. He preferred doing sit ups right now. After a couple of minutes he broke out in sweat and getting up from the floor, pulled of his t-shirt. He then reached over to the small night table, next to Sam’s bed, and gripped a bottle of water standing there.
Sam looked up for a second and nearly forgot to breathe. His brother stood half naked in front of him, hot,  sweaty, and expiring loads and loads of testosterone. All of a sudden the younger Winchester felt a shiver go down his spine, and his newly found hormones came to live.

“You okay Sammy?”  Dean asked, who noticed something change in Sam’s expression.

“Yeah, sure. Haven’t found anything yet.”

Sam cleared his throat and tried to focus on the article in front of him.

“Well, I’ll hit the shower.”

After Dean disappeared into the bathroom, Sam pushed the newspapers aside and tried to clear his head. What had just happened to him?
It must have been pure envy, that’s all. But did Sam really only envy his older brother for his masculine body?

He pushed the thoughts out of his mind and decided it was nothing. So maybe his hormones went a little crazy, no big deal when you’re 14. Dad had told him that this was a time of change in every young man’s life. It was probably just normal to be filled up with testosterone every now and then.

But something inside him made him wonder what other parts of Dean looked like now. It had been a few years since they had seen one another naked. Had Dean grown into a stud?
He got up from the bed and walked over to the bathroom. Hearing the water running, he tried to imagine the naked body beneath the shower. The door handle almost in his hand, he quickly turned and ran out of the motel room. Finally out in the cold air he felt able to breathe again.

In the following weeks Sam forgot about the incident. He didn’t see his brother half naked long enough any more to admire him, but instead found pleasure in looking at the half naked women in some of Dean's hidden magazines. After a while he thought everything was quite normal again, which made him feel very relieved . . . until one evening.

They had just got rid of a nasty Poltergeist up in Ohio, when John decided he and his boys needed a little R&R.

They spent four days on a camping place near a small lake. The atmosphere was very calming, just what one needed to refuel after a hunt.

Sam looked forward to simply having a few days of peace and quiet, whereas Dean had started complaining the day they arrived.

“I don’t understand why the hell we have to stick around here in the middle of nowhere doing nothing!”

“Dean, we need a break!” John insisted and firmly gripped the shoulder of his eldest son.

“And think of little Sammy. He’s seen a lot of horrible things these last days. Give him some time to recuperate.”

Dean nodded and replied: “Yes Sir.”

Obedient, but still somewhat pissed, he started building up the tent for the night. Sure his Dad was right. Dean sometimes forgot that Sammy was 4 years younger than he was, and not half as strong. But he also seemed emotionally unstable sometimes.
So he decided he would try to make the best of this short break, if only for Sammy’s sake.

On the first night they all kept around the tent, making a camp fire and enjoying a normal evening together as a family.

On the second night Dean already was getting board of ‘normal’ and went to check out the small Deli just off the camping site. There he met a beautiful young girl called Susan.

On the third night Dean had invited Susan to his place – in short the Impala. Parked near the entrance of the camping site, which was closed during the night, he thought it a good place to make out undisturbed.

Sam at the same time was taking a little stroll. He had passed the washing rooms and was almost at the end of the camping grounds, when he caught site of the Impala rattling along as if the motor was still turned on.
He knew right away what the reason for this movement was.

First, he thought of turning back and leaving his brother his privacy. But just in that moment, for some strange reason, his hormones set in again. Would it be a sin to watch his brother having sex?
Maybe he could only peak for a second unnoticed.

He approached the car silently, his feet barely touching the ground. In some weird way it felt just like being on a hunt.
The windows of the Impala were steamed in. It made it harder for Sam to see anything, so he moved just a little closer.

All of a sudden he could see Dean sitting on the front Passenger seat, his t-shirt pulled off and his pants pulled down. The girl, hardly visible, was probably positioned somewhere between his legs. Sam could only see her head now leaning towards Deans hard cock. As soon as she had taken him in her mouth his head pulled back and he started to moan.

Sam’s eyes got bigger and bigger, as he tried to get closer. He felt his own arousal beginning to build up and slipped his hand into his jeans. Sitting down next to the door of the Impala he peaked in once more and saw the girl drawing back from Dean, re-positioning herself.

Sam again caught view of Dean's large dick, now even harder and leaking with precome. It was almost too much for him. He moved his hand faster, feeling his own heat build up more and more at the thought of his brother's hot body.

Before he knew what he had done, he had climaxed, biting his lower lip in order not to scream.
Catching his breath again, he slowly moved away, leaving Dean and his lover to finish the job.

It was only after that he had noticed what had happened. Why had he been so aroused?
He could have lied to himself, putting it down to the girl and the whole sexual atmosphere, but that was not true and he damn well knew it!
It had simply been Dean who had caused him to go crazy like that. Oh God! Even just the thought of his brother was making him hard again.

Returning to the tent, Sam tried to clear his head. When he arrived, he silently took of his jeans and underpants and put on some fresh clothes. Determined not to think of Dean, he feel into dreamless sleep.


Sam looked up from his book, which he was still pretending to read, and smiled remembering those days. At first, he had tried to be normal, but had soon found out that he was in fact bisexual. Which of course isn’t a sin, except you desire your brother!
So Sam had always tried to ignore these feelings, but frankly had learnt to live with them over the years.
Since he and Dean were back hunting together, he had to deal with it again.
But it was on nights like this, when it was extremely hard to control.

Dean had almost lost the game but had apparently won the lady’s heart. She was all over him, whispering in his ears, touching him whenever possible. Her eyes just seemed to say: Take me I’m yours!
For a moment, Sam thought his brother had really fallen for her and thus screwed up the game.
But soon after his luck seemed to change. Just when she had one more ball to finish, Dean started up and within a couple of minutes the game was his. He grinned, the typical yeah-I’m-so-damn-hot- smile of his. His partner just stood aside and watched in amazement, but also somewhat displeased.

A moment later Dean had won the round.

“Strike! I’d say that was pretty much it!”

His partner walked up to him and tried to smile.

“Well, you obviously wanted me to believe you were an amateur. At least until a couple of minutes ago. But now I do see you are an all grown man.”

She closed in on Dean, almost pinning him to the wall.

Sam couldn’t take his eyes off the scene. Just what the hell did she want from his Dean?
He would have loved to get up cross over to the pool table and pull Dean away. But he couldn’t. What would  his older brother think of him? It was not his place to interfere.

Dean looked into two almost totally black eyes and thought about kissing the girl before him. He had played  her badly, but in the end all that counted was that he had won.
He leaned down towards her full red lips and whispered: “Well and as a grown man might I now get what I deserve?”

She quivered and leaned towards him full of anticipation.

All of a sudden Dean turned his head to search for his younger brother, who still sat huddled away in a corner. He couldn’t bare the sight of him all alone and pushed his partner away.

“So where’s my money?”

She looked at him in anger. Why did he not want her? She had felt his arousal, was almost sure of it.
Silently, without loosing any of her countenance, she reached into her pocket and gave him the money.
Dean bowed to her and then abruptly moved away without even saying goodbye.

Sam saw his brother moving in his direction and was somewhat relieved.
Seconds later he felt two hands rest on his thighs and looked down at Dean who was kneeling before him. His eyes shown full of happiness, his checks red from the alcohol and heat in the bar.

“What ye doing little bro’?”

Sam cleared his throat and found his voice he’d thought lost.

“Just reading. Though the light in here isn’t the best.”

“What ye reading?”

He stood up and tried to grab the book.



“Give it back!”, Sam protested, after Dean already had it in his hands.
It took him a while to read the title : “Poetry of the Romantics.”

A short but hearty laughter followed.


After catching his breath he just smiled at his little brother.

“I never knew you read poetry, Sammy. I mean I know you’re the girl in this relationship, but poetry? Are you sure you’re not gay?”

“Dean, stop it!”

Sam didn’t want the whole bar to focus on them.
After pleading, Dean returned the book and gazed back to the pool table one last time, where the black beauty still stood and watched him like a spider.

“Hey man, let’s get the hell outta here!”

As they walked out of the bar, heading for the Impala, Sam asked:
“What about that girl? She looked kinda fierce.”

“Yeah well, I guess she expected something more from me, especially since I made her believe I am bad player.”

“So why did you leave?” Sam asked his heart speeding up.

“We got the money, what else do we need? Besides, I couldn’t let you sit there all night meditating over Poetry of the Romantics!”


Dean laughed once more before closing the door and turning on the engine.

“I’ll have you Dean Winchester, one way or the other!”

The black haired woman said, after finishing her pentagram on the floor.
Then she lit the candles at each point of the star and placed a strand of Deans hair, which she was able to obtain during the pool match, in the middle.
Suddenly the door knocked and her room mate stepped in.

“Heather do you know where...? What the hell are you doing?”

Heather looked up and smiled into her room mates face.

“Having my revenge. I met this guy tonight, and he thought he could just play around with me and then drop me.”

“Oh God, not another love spell.”

“Yep! But this time it will work!”

“What makes you say that?” her friend asked curiously.

“I found a new spell. It only intensifies the feelings a person already has, even if they are only subconscious.”

“And how do you know he’s going to fall for you?”
“I know he was interested in me, I felt it! The spell intensifies those feelings you had most recent for a person.”

“And you met him tonight?”

“Exactly. So I have to act quick before he meets someone else.”
Heather’s room mate sighed.

“Well don’t blame me if it back fires. You know this things always do.”

“Trust me, this time it will work!”

When Heather was alone again, she began saying the ancient chants over and over again, the memory of Dean’s face before her inner eye.

Dean woke up in the middle of the night sweat right through. He had had a bad nightmare, but couldn’t remember what it was about. Shaking his head slightly, he sat up in his bed and looked at the alarm clock on the night table. 3:15 am. Man, the alcohol still had a grip on him! Feeling like he was burning up inside, he pulled his t-shirt off and decided to sleep only in his boxers.

After he laid back down he gazed over to Sam who was rolled up on top of his blanket. He looked so cute! As if he was still his little Sammy, like so many years ago. Somehow he had never lost his baby-like look, perhaps due to those big puppy eyes - or maybe it was just the way Dean saw him.

He watched him for a while and then got up trying to cover him up again.

Sam moaned in his sleep while Dean tried to push him off the blanket. Finally he heaved him upward, into his arms and tried to grab the blanket. Just in that moment Sam woke up.

Rubbing his sleepy eyes, he stared at Dean who had his arms wrapped around him tightly.

“Dean what’s wrong?” he asked, still moaning.

“Everything okay?”

Dean just starred into his brother’s eyes, fascinated in some strange way.
He could feel the warmth of his body pressing against Sam, still holding him.

“You want to let me go now?” Sam asked shyly, not understanding what Dean was doing.

Abruptly Dean let go of him.

“I ... I was trying to....you were on top of the blanket.” Dean waved with his hand trying to explain.

“Yeah? Well whatever. Why don’t we get back to bed. I’m tired as hell.”

As Dean moved away a strange feeling took hold of him. He thought it must still be the alcohol heating his blood and making him think absurd things. But had he really drunk that much?

Sam straightened his blanket and was just about to crawl underneath, when he turned back to Dean and smiled at him.

“Thanks Dean. You always take care of me.”

Dean didn’t answer, but stepped forward closer to Sam.

“Sammy I...”

“I know you don’t want to hear me talk of feelings so I’ll shut right up.”

But Sammy didn’t know what Dean was feeling, or that he wanted to tell him that he thought something wasn’t right with him.

Instead he approached him and hugged him lightly.

“Goodnight Dean.”

Dean’s body went stiff as Sam wrapped his arms lightly around him.
The heat became unbearable and he swore he could feel lust building up inside of him.
Was Sam doing this to him? What the hell was going on?

As Sam released his older brother, Dean firmly gripped his face with both hands, staring at him.


He could not believe how beautiful Sam was. How could he never have noticed?
And how could he never have wanted to kiss those delicious lips? Slowly he moved his lips to Sam’s until pressing against them, his tongue desperately parting Sammy’s mouth.
He felt he had never needed anything so much ever before in his life....


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DonneEgichedonneegiche on November 17th, 2007 12:18 pm (UTC)
Sam reading poetry is so cute *_*
You write very well!
Yes, I'll read your ff from time to time!
Carmen :)
wiccaqueenwiccaqueen on November 17th, 2007 12:52 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked it and thanks for reading ;-) Will publish the second part sometime tommorrow.