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10 November 2008 @ 11:38 am
Still in search for a Beta  
Hi guys! Okay so a while ago I was looking for a beta for my new J² Fic. I even posted a request at spn_betas without any reply. Maybe because it's RPS? I have no idea. Anyway I still haven't found a beta, and would really be glad if someone from my flist would take on this task or maybe tell me of someone they know who could beta read for me! PLEASE!!!!

Here some more information on the fic: 

Title: I'm not gay
Genre: PWP/ RPF/ Humor
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling
Length: 7,430
Short Summary: Jensen's got a problem that he can't seem to get rid off. Will Jared help him out? 

Anyone willing please comment! I will send you my love, hugs and cookies! *g*

Editeilan is taking on the task!!!! Thanks sweetie!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
not a morning person...tattoo_kink on November 10th, 2008 10:50 am (UTC)
Okay, hon - here's the deal: If you haven't found a BETA in a few days... it would be my pleasure to take a LOOK (OVER) at it.

It's definitely not what you're looking for, but 4 eyes see more than two. *ggg*

But I still cross all my fingers that you'll find a qualified beta, cause your fic deserves it!

smooches ♥
wiccaqueen: You're awesomewiccaqueen on November 10th, 2008 12:26 pm (UTC)
Oh darling if you would, I'd love to bits! I mean I already do, but I'd love you even more! *hugs*

And like you said, 4 eyes do see more!

Send me your email addy through PM? Then I can send you the script.
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wiccaqueen: You're awesomewiccaqueen on November 10th, 2008 01:44 pm (UTC)
Oh thanks honey, that would be so great! You have all the time you need, no hurry!
nluvwanangelnluvwanangel on November 10th, 2008 03:02 pm (UTC)
I would have loved to seeing as I love all your stuff...its just I'm so terribly overworked right now. I could maybe have a look at it tomorrow afternoon but I think sleepless would make a great beta lol nudge nudge.
wiccaqueen: Chibi Jaredwiccaqueen on November 10th, 2008 03:14 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the offer darling! eilan is doing the beta now and I'm sure she'll be wonderful! And then sleepless can look over it again! *g*

So you can just relax and read it when it's done and hopefully enjoy!

nluvwanangelnluvwanangel on November 10th, 2008 11:13 pm (UTC)
reading and relaxing is wonderful and im quite sure i will enjoy....cant wait...i love new fic lol.