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09 November 2008 @ 12:51 pm
4x08 Wishful Thinking  
So since I never got around to writing a review for last week's episode, I'll try to make this one even better...and also because the episode deserves it! I didn't really care much for 4x07 btw, except for the Castiel scenes. Am really kinda pissed what the made out of Samhain, but oh well.
Back to this week....

Okay so the shower scene at the beginning might have not been the best...but then again I think it wasn't supposed to be scary. The part where the towl landed on the guys head! OMG!!! I had to laugh so hard and already knew that this episode was going to be a bit on the funny again! YEAH! 

Side note: Is it just me, or are there more funny elements this season than ever before? Think it's compensation for all the intense stuff going on? Anyway me likes! *g*

And then we have Dean drinking again and then some more....the waiter guy was really funny btw *g*

Sam interviewing the woman was pretty cool too, especially his working title 'Supernatural' *giggles*

Skipping to the bigfoot....uhm I mean Teddy!!! OMG! So adorable!  Oh poor depressed baby needs porn and alcohol to deal with RL! *cuddles*
The little girl is so cute! I must say I really love all the kids in this episode.  And TEDDY DOCTORS!!! *squee*
And then it's a REAL TEDDY!!! *rofl* And not just a normal teddy, but a depressed one! *rofl again*
Is anybody else a bit reminded of the depressed robot from 'Hitchhiker's Guide through the Galaxy'?

'Tea parties? Is that all there is?' Seriously the best line ever! 
Lollipop disease! Can this part get any cutier? 

Oh Dean and his food! Adorable as always *g*

But then we come to the more serious parts....Sam admitting he has changed and that his wishes have changed. Still quite don't know what to think of that....

That part with the coin was really funny too....and did I mention I love the Chinese guy? And Sam threating him! So cool! 

And then we come to Sam's almost gay moment....Did he look down at the naked guy? Okay in this case not sexy! 

Sick!Dean....who wants to make him feel better? ME ME ME!!! *g*
But still lying to his brother, so not cool!

Skipping to great finale....Sam getting hit by lightening and dying, again! Dean getting his ass kicked by a small boy....*giggles* Okay that was really funny! 

The end was kinda intense again...never thought Dean would remember everything from hell. And the way he let Sam understand that there is no way he can help him.....I was close to crying, seriously! And why didn't Sam just grab him and hold him tight? It would have been so perfect.
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