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12 November 2007 @ 08:44 pm
3x06 Red Sky at Morning  
I just got through watching the sixth episode of the 3rd season, a bit later as usual ;-) Here I just want to reply to all those US viewers: you donÄt know how luck you are to able to watch it on TV!
Well, although I heard a lot of things about the episode beforehand, I have to say, that I was still able to form my own oppinion of it.

First of all to the funny parts...

Sammy getting hit on by that old woman!!!! So hilarious :D
And of course the remarks "You stink of Sex" by Dean and "Oh look he's playing hard to get". Those were really the best, and maybe even a bit wincest-like ;-)

The beginning and the end of the episode were again very touchy feely, going into the whole demon deal, loosing Dean kinda talk. Which I really enjoyed. Ever since the end of season two, I have been waiting for another really emotionally moment between the boys.

Last but not least, Bela!
Well what can I say? She's kinda likeable, maybe due to her english accent ;-) No she's okay, I just don't like the fact that she was hiting on Dean when she said: "We should have some angry sex after" - That was too much!!! But then again I liked the moments when Dean wanted to shoot her!
Well I guess I just have to wait and see what happens with her.

All in all I'd give a B- for this episode

That's all for now...
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