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11 September 2013 @ 07:04 pm
death comes to haslewood hall - epilogue [whitechapel au bigbang]  
A few weeks later

He adjusted his collar for the fourth time and then turned his attention to his jerkin and hose. Everything seemed to be in order, but one couldn’t be too sure. After all, he wanted to look his very best.

A knock on the door startled him. He quickly combed his fingers through his hair one last time before he went to see who it was.

»Miles, has he arrived?«

His steward couldn’t hide the grin that was unabashedly spreading across his face. »Indeed. The young baronet has arrived. He is waiting on you in the drawing room.«

»Perfect.« Chandler took a deep breath and followed Miles downstairs.

»Sir, if I may add, I was perhaps a bit harsh on you the last time the baronet visited. He seems a good lad, an honest one. All I’m saying is I wouldn’t mind if we were to see more of him here at Haslewood Hall in the future.«

Chandler beamed. It meant a lot to him to have the support of his oldest servant and friend.

»Thank you, Miles. Well, we’ll see about that, won’t we?«

A moment later Miles opened the door to the drawing room and officially announced the Earl as was custom: »Sir, I give you Earl Joseph Chandler III, Secretary and Keeper of the Seal of the Council of the North…«

This time it was Chandler himself who interrupted him. He gently laid a hand on Miles’ shoulder and said: »It’s alright. I think we don’t need to stand on protocol. Not amongst friends.«

A shy smile crossed Kent’s face.

»Right. Well, I’ll go and see to the tea then.«

With that his steward left the room, leaving Chandler alone with Kent for the first time in weeks.

Chandler could feel the tension between them, had felt it almost right from the beginning. He wanted nothing more than to give in to it. Vivid memories of the kiss they had shared still managed to heat his blood. He had thought about that kiss a lot lately; had felt like he had acted wrongly at time. He needed to tell Kent, to explain himself fully, but there were other matters he wished to address first.

»Kent, I…« he began. He knew he sounded uncertain. The younger man took a step closer and offered him his hand.

»Emerson, remember?« To Chandler’s surprise, Kent guided them both to the cushioned sofa by the wall.

»Emerson,« Chandler started again, already feeling a bit surer about himself. »I thought about everything that has happened, especially on the night of the attack.«

The smile disappeared from Kent’s face. It made Chandler’s heart ache. But this needed to be said, at least once.

»Remember in the hallway when someone saw us?«

Kent nodded, avoiding direct eye contact.

»I think it was Louis,« Chandler quickly added. »It must have been. After seeing us he probably assumed that he could…« he searched for the right words.

»Have his way with me?« Kent offered, no longer sounding shy when it came to the subject.

»Yes, exactly.«

Kent nodded. »I thought that was what he wanted. Remember, I told you I recalled my nightshirt having been pushed up? But when I began to struggle he didn’t have the opportunity to…well to…«

Kent couldn’t quite say it. Now it was Chandler’s turn to help him out.

»He decided you silence you first,« he concluded.

»It makes sense, in some perverse way, I guess,« Kent said.

Chandler had to agree. So at last they had acknowledged that the motive for the attack on Kent had matched that of Louis’ other misdeeds.

They remained quiet for a while after that; both lost in their thoughts. Kent finally broke the silence by inquiring after Morgan.

»She’s left the county, from what I hear. She wanted nothing to do with me after the business with her brother. She even blamed me for his death.«

It still angered Chandler. As it turned out, he had misjudged her character terribly.

»The engagement is off, of course, and I’m just glad no one is asking why.«

»And the others?« Kent asked, trying to turn the conversation towards a less painful subject.

»They’re all well. In fact, Mansell has invited us all to dine at his estate within a fortnight.«

Kent’s smile slowly reappeared. For the first time in many weeks Chandler felt truly relieved.

»Hopefully we’ll see more of each other from now on.«

Chandler didn’t know if Kent was referring to meetings with their mutual acquaintances or to future encounters only the two of them would share. He hoped it was the latter.

»I’m really glad you came.« A slight blush, which Chandler was now very familiar with, appeared on Kent’s pale cheeks.

»Me, too,« he added, almost whispering.

A slight shift and they were sitting closer together. Their thighs brushed up against each other as Chandler dared to lean in and run a finger across that pale, soft cheek.

»I’ve been wanting to do that since the first time I saw you,« he admitted.

Kent look surprised.

»Really? After the kiss I thought you wanted nothing more to do with me. I feared you were disgusted by what had happened between us.«

»Not at all, though I did fear it for a while. I’m normally not a very emotional man and the feelings you stirred within me were something I wasn’t used to. I didn’t know how to control them. For a moment I felt like I was drowning, unable to come up for air. I wanted you so badly, but I knew I couldn’t have you. I knew it wasn’t allowed and I couldn’t let it happen.«

Kent’s voice was hardly more than a whisper as he replied: »And now?«

»Now,« Chandler breathed, their faces so close that only a few inches separated them, »now I don’t care if it’s allowed or not.«
Chandler finally bridged the gap between them, allowing their lips to meet. Hesitant at first, the kiss was feather light and not nearly as heated as the one they had shared before. Both men seemed to want to take their time getting to know one another, the taste and feel of each other. The last thing Chandler wanted was to pressure the younger man. As soon as that thought had crossed his mind, however, Kent ran his tongue along the seam of Chandler’s lips. He licked a wet stripe along Chandler’s bottom lip and gently nibbled on it with his teeth.

It was as if a fire had been ignited deep within Chandler. A glowing spark was travelling down from his belly right into his loins. Chandler groaned. And Kent drew back, but only for a second to observe the effect he’d had on the Earl. Seemingly satisfied with the result, he dove back in again, only this time Chandler was ready for him. They kissed like there was no tomorrow. Like this moment could last a lifetime.

»Emerson,« Chandler whispered, his hand encircling Kent’s waist, pulling him even closer. It was an odd angle, sitting next to each other like this, but they couldn’t seem to let go of each other long enough to move into a more comfortable position. At some point Chandler managed to open Kent’s collar and he was rewarded with flawless, lily-white skin. He bent down and licked across the exposed neck, right down to the collarbone. Kent threw his head back, gripping the sofa with both hands. His body vibrated with tension. Chandler couldn’t take it any longer. In one swift motion he freed Kent from the confinements of his linen shirt, tearing at the cloth until it came off. Kent laughed, a beautiful, innocent laugh that warmed Chandler’s heart.

He removed his own jerkin and shirt, slowing things down a bit until they were both sitting next to each other shirtless. Before he allowed himself to touch, Chandler wanted to  take the time to admire the body in front of him. Kent’s chest wasn’t as defined as his was, his shoulders weren’t quite so broad, but he had wonderfully soft skin that stretched across lean muscles and a taut stomach. He was lovely. Chandler had already guessed as much from the night they had shared in bed, but seeing the naked skin before his eyes now was much better.

He slowly let his fingers roam along Kent’s sides, down to his waist. Kent was mirroring his actions, trying desperately to keep his hands from shaking.

»Everything alright?« Chandler asked, bending down to capture one of Kent’s pink nipples between his lips. Kent hummed in response, letting his eyes fall shut and throwing his head back. As Chandler drew back he couldn’t help noticing how beautiful Kent was like this. And now finally he could admire the young man all he wanted.

When their lips met again, they pulled each other into a close embrace. They were skin to skin and yet it wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough. Before Chandler could decide to how to move forward, Kent broke free from his embrace, a big grin on his face.

»I have an idea,« the young baronet said. He moved up onto his knees and straddled Chandler’s thighs. This new position brought them much closer together, their hips touching and also their nether regions. They kissed again, long and messy this time, whilst rubbing against each other.

Chandler could feel Kent’s hardness pressing into him, just as demanding as his own. He somehow managed to get a hand between them and started to unstring Kent’s breeches. He moved his hand into the opening, closing around the soft, velvety tip of Kent’s erection.

»Joe, oh God!« Kent bit his lip, trying to stifle a moan.

Chandler’s hand moved along the younger man’s shaft, brushing gently over the head that was wet and glistening. This part of Kent’s body was beautiful as the rest of him. Sleek and firm, though perhaps slightly thinner and shorter than his own member, which was currently pressing against Kent’s hipbone. Pushing the breeches down as far as they could go in this position, he got a better grip on the exposed flesh and started to move his hand up and down.

Kent was clawing at his back by now, already close to the edge. There was so much Chandler wanted to do to him. So many ways he wanted to take him and make him his own. But that could wait. Right now all Chandler wanted was to take the young man apart, see him lose the last bit of restraint that was holding him back.

Chandler increased the pressure of his strokes, placing kisses along Kent’s shoulder at the same time.

»Let go,« he whispered and Kent did. Hot liquid spilled across Chandler’s fingers and onto his chest.

It was almost enough to send him over the edge as well.

Loose and relaxed due to his climax, Kent leaned in closer for a lazy open-mouthed kiss. Kent managed to get a grip on Chandler’s throbbing erection through the thin material of his breeches, thus offering the last bit of friction he needed. It took Chandler by surprise how fast it happened. He felt the wetness within his pants and almost wanted to laugh. A thing like that hadn’t happened in years.

As they drew apart, Kent was grinning again, fully at ease now.

»That was…« he began, searching for the right words.

»Amazing?« Chandler offered, finding it hard to keep from smiling.

»I should say so, although I don’t have much to compare it to…yet.«

Chandler chuckled. He liked this playful side of Kent and he thought he could easily get used to it.

»Well, I promise you that you will have the chance to compare it with many experiences yet to come.«
»I certainly hope so.«

They kissed again, longingly and full of tenderness.

A while later Kent was fast asleep on Chandler’s shoulder, the dark curls tickling the Earl’s skin. Chandler was marvelling at his newly found happiness. He turned to look towards the window. The sun finally had come out and was shining down into the garden, melting the ice.

The End

Master Post
yorkshirewench: [Whitechapel] Chandler blueyorkshirewench on September 15th, 2013 06:49 am (UTC)
I love historical AU’s and I love how you adapted the characters to fit the time period. Miles as Chandler’s steward was just brilliant and I’m glad Mansell hadn't lost any of his “charm”. I like to imagine his money and status were won in a card game. ;)

It was so lovely to read about Chandler and Kent slowly discovering their feelings for each other, not really sure what was going on between them.

The scenes where they were all trying to work out who the murderer might be were like scenes from the show. I'm pleased you didn't break with tradition and have them catch the killer alive. ;)

Loved the blood in the snow mirrored at the beginning and end, very nice touch.

The whole thing was thoroughly enjoyable. I'm really glad you decided to take part in the Big Bang and write this wonderful story to share with us. Well done!
wiccaqueen: Whitechapel - :Dwiccaqueen on September 15th, 2013 07:38 am (UTC)
Re: Fantastic!
Thanks so much for reading and commenting first of all.

I'm really glad you enjoyed, wasn't sure how the historical AU would be received, but I just loved the idea of having Chandler walk around as an Earl ;)

Your reply about Mansell winning his status in a card game made me laugh so hard XD Perfect explanation!

I hadn't written any sort of fanfiction in such a long time. I'm really glad this bigbang challenge gave me the opportunity to do it ;)

Can't wait to read what the others have come up with...