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18 August 2008 @ 08:34 pm
video rec: bed of lies  
And once again a rec, but this time a video rec. I came across this video called Bed of Lies a few days ago and have been watching it almost daily since then!

The first time I watched it, it went like this: Beginning - ok, wow nice color effects; Halfway through - wow, great scenes, wonderful song; Shortly before the end - *fangirl squee* OMG!!! Best part of the video and song!!!
Since then I was glued. Best part of the it all in my opinion: "I know that it's weak, but God help me I need this!" This song is sooo Sam/Dean (am actually thinking of making a wincest mix and putting it in it)

Anyway this video is great and has been posted in several communities. Here's where I first found it.
Oh and if you like it, please comment absrip and tell her how awesome she is! I'm so completely her fangirl! *g*
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