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13 August 2008 @ 10:36 am
Fic Rec Sam/Dean  
Yesterday evening I finally started reading through the Sam/Dean fic list at spn_j2_bigbang and found some really great stories, next to those bigbang fics I've already read.
One sounded so good that I had to start reading it right away and couldn't stop. I read the whole fic and listened to the soundtrack (perfect btw).

Almost at Home by balefully

Sam comes out the front door, screen banging behind him. He soaks up the early summer breeze in his t-shirt and boxers, flip of hair wrapped soft around his earlobe as purple bleeds into the sky from the horizon like the sweet ache of a fresh, growing bruise.

It's just an easy going fic, set before all the troubles start up. A wonderful summer that Sam and Dean get to spend together, closer than they've ever been before.
I love the way the whole story slowly develops, with some small beautiful moments along the way.
The style of balefully's writing is as always simply lovely, allows you to dive right into the story and really feel what the characters are feeling.
Last but not least, the artwork by fourfreedoms fits perfectly and is simply astonishing!
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