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28 October 2007 @ 10:58 pm
Fiction: Bathtub Tales 2/3  

Okay, here goes nothing! My second part of the Bathtub Tales Fanfiction. Hope you enjoy it!

: Bathtub Tale 2 - Dean and the flu
Author: wiccaqueen    
Pairing: Sam/ Dean
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sam also knows a bathtub tale about Dean when he was sick...
Disclaimer: Supernatural and all its characters do not belong to me!

Bathtub Tales 2/3: Dean and the flu

Sam was laying in the warm water, enjoying every moment. He had thought about what Dean had said and slowly memory had come rushing back.

He did remember having a yellow duck. He loved it at first, mostly because it had been a gift from Dean, but later on he had recognised that he had to bath alone. Since then he hadn’t liked it anymore. He still wanted Dean to bath with him, so that they could both play with the duck; after all he always wanted to share everything with his big brother, but Dean didn’t let him. He hadn’t understood it back then, especially not why Dad might have something against it. All Dean said when he asked him was, that he was growing into a man now and grown men didn’t bath with anyone. If that be the case, Sam had decided, he never wanted to grow up. Where was the fun in it, when you would have to do everything by yourself?

Thinking on those long forgotten memories now, Sam smiled. How different everything seems from a child’s perspective! He also remembered when Dean had gotten his first pubic hair and how he had felt it whilst bathing.

Ha! Finally an embarrassing story he could tease Dean with!

Getting out of the bathtub he noticed how the whole little room was completely steamed in. There was no point in trying to dry of in here, better do it outside. So he grabbed a towel and loosely bound it around his waist. 

When he entered the room, Dean was laying on one of the beds. His eyes were closed, his hands in his sweatpants. And he was panting!

For a short moment Sam could only stare at his brother, fascinated by every little sound he made. He actually looked good…no, actually kinda sexy…but that couldn’t be! What the hell was he thinking?

Sam pulled himself together and cleared his throat to make himself noticeable. Dean’s eyes flew open and he immediately froze.

“I hope I’m not interrupting something. Just wanted to let you know that the bathroom is free now. So if you want to take a bath or finish whatever you’re doing…”

“Yeah, okay. I got it!”

Full of embarrassment, Dean’s cheeks turned red like fire. He quickly got up and tried to avoid looking at the naked, wet and gorgeous body of his brother. The steam from the bathroom seemed to fill the air in the room within seconds, making it hard for him to breathe.

Sam couldn’t stop grinning. He hardly ever saw Dean embarrassed, due to his large ego. This was just too good!

“Oh, before I forget,” Sam interrupted Dean from fleeing the room, “I just remembered the yellow duck you mentioned before and also how I got it, or should I say why?”

Dean stopped and raised an eyebrow. “Looks like I also have some embarrassing stories to tell.”
“Oh yeah?”


 Sam sat down on his bed and stretched his legs. He knew Dean wouldn’t drop this right now. He wanted to know what he was remembering, sure as hell.

“So what is it? What’s so embarrassing?”

“Oh you mean besides me walking in on you jerking off? Let me think…”

Dean rolled his eyes. Sexy or not, Sam could be a pain in the ass sometimes.

“Oh hey what about the time I discovered your first pubic hair while we were bathing together?”

Dean didn’t know what to say. Had he and Sam thought about the same memories at the same time?

He walked over to Sam and looked at him full of amazement. Sam had no idea what was happening.

Did Dean somehow know that he was thinking? How his blood was beginning to rush through his veins, just seeing Dean’s facial expression now? Damn he looked hot!



”So what, that wasn’t embarrassing enough?” Dean laughed slightly.

“Please! Why would that be embarrassing?”

Sam bit his lip. He had to come up with something else. He didn’t want to loose this little battle.

“Wait a sec. I think I’m just remembering another funny story involving a bathtub.”

“Oh really?”

Dean sat down by Sam’s side, eager to hear what he had to say. At the same time he hoped it would take his mind of things; but sitting next to the steamy, wet body of his brother didn’t seem to help much.

“So shoot. Tell me what you got.”

“It must have been when you were about 15. You had been sick for days, sick like a dog. A flu or something. Dad was outta town once again and we were stuck in a small motel room which only happened to have a bathtub. Well, are any bells ringing yet?”

“Not really. Just go on.”

“Okay if you want me to…. Well you know how you always act like a bitch when you’re sick? This time it was extremely bad. You had been in bed for days running a fever. When Dad had left, it wasn’t too bad and he said to call if things got worse. As your temperature increased, I wanted to call him. But you of course said no. You said you were fine on your own, only you weren’t.

You kept getting sick, so after another day or two you stopped eating all together. I remember buying you tin after tin of noodle soup, but after the third day you said you couldn’t stand it anymore and wanted real food. And I was so stupid to go out and get you a cheeseburger, which you later on threw up all over the carpet.”

Dean looked at Sam full of disgust.

“Yeah I kinda remember that, although I would prefer not to. Man, I really was sick then! The days passed like in some sort of delirium.”

“That was probably because of the fever. Most of the time you only slept, but when you were awake, it was hell for me. You’d moan and groan, even shout at me. There was always something nagging you. What I watched on TV, what I listened to on the radio or something else. You really were a hand full.”

Dean had to smile. Sammy was right, he was horrible when he was sick. Luckily that didn’t happen often.

“Well that was payback time for all the times I had to care for your sick ass or change your shitty diaper!” Dean replied.

Sam just looked at Dean and stuck out his tongue as if he were still five years old.

“I’m just saying it served you right!”

“Ha-ha, very funny! Anyway, I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. By day 5, you were so crabby that I didn’t know what to do with you anymore. You didn’t want to take a bath than either, you hated it even back then. I remember telling you that you might feel better after and certainly might smell better too, since you hadn’t bathed in over 3 days. So I went ahead and got a cold bath from a local pharmacy and filled the tub with hot water. You just continued complaining. It took me over a half of an hour to finally get you to take the bath. I led you into the bathroom and asked if you needed any help. The look you gave me was just plain obvious. You probably would have rather died of shame than letting your little brother help you bath. So in you went.”

Sam paused for a moment to adjust his towel which was close to slipping down while he kept moving on the bed.

Dean caught a glimpse of Sam’s groin and held his breath. In a way he wanted to towel to just fall off or even tear it away himself, but then again he feared it and feared his reaction. Blushing slightly, he tried to look away. The last thing he wanted was to draw any attention to himself.

Sam saw his cheeks turn red. Although he thought it was funny, it still aroused him to see Dean like this. He almost looked as if he was having nasty thoughts.

All of a sudden Sam remembered how the story continued and in what direction it went. He was afraid of maybe exposing his feelings by telling the rest, but in some way he also longed for it. He wanted to see Dean’s reaction.

“Well anyway, I remained outside watching TV or something. Suddenly I heard someone scream. I couldn’t figure out who it was. It almost sounded like a girl. Just when I started looking for one of Dad’s guns, I heard another scream. And then I knew it was you. So I ran into the bathroom expecting to find a demon or something in there. But there was only you.”

Sam had to laugh.

“You were laying in the bathtub unable to get up. When I asked you what was wrong you said you felt all weak and were seeing stars. I mean no wonder; you hadn’t eaten in days and I guess the hot water was just too much for you. You had already slipped down with your head and were afraid of drowning, because you couldn’t keep yourself up. I didn’t know what to do in the beginning. I mean you were so huge back then and weighed a lot more than me.

I remember I tried pulling you up by your arms but then you grabbed a hold of me and all of a sudden I stumbled and landed in the bathtub head first, right between your legs. I don’t really know how that happened.”

Dean blushed even more. He was starting to recall those memories. There had been a moment when he had felt the way he was feeling now, but never in his wildest dreams had he thought Sam to be the reason for it in those days. But had Sam even noticed it back then?

“Man, I was mad at you! I was totally wet! So what I did was to take my clothes of first of all and then I tried standing you up in the tub. But it was slippery and even after I’d let the water out, you were just a deadweight, almost as if unconscious. Once I got you standing up somehow, I held on to your shoulders and got out of the tub. Then you gripped me by the shoulders and I managed to help you out. Only problem once again was your weight. As soon as your feet were outside of the tub, you stumbled and fell full force upon me, pushing us both on the ground. My head hurt for days after that!”

“I remember,” Dean replied a bit shy.

And then he knew Sam must have noticed, or else he wouldn’t be telling this story.

“Just when we were about to get up, I felt something strange dig into me. I didn’t really know what it was at the time, but I knew it wasn’t the first time you had it. I’d seen you before like that. But feeling it was something quite different. It felt hard like steal and hot like fire. And it was pushing between my legs and throbbing. I was quite perplexed and didn’t know what to say. So I just didn’t say anything.”

Dean looked away. Yep, just what he had feared.

“Dean, how on earth could you have a hard-on when you were so damn sick and weak? And especially since you were lying on top of your younger brother?”

“Well you know. I mean I was 15, hello? It’s only normal. You don’t have your hormones under control at that age, you know that!”

“Well I didn’t back then. I was terrified!”

“You could have just asked about it.”

“As if you’d told the truth!”

“I might have.”

Dean looked at Sam again. He had felt his brother’s naked little body beneath his that time, all wet and slippery. He had felt Sam’s heart pound against his own. The whole atmosphere had just screamed sex and all his teenage senses had responded. Seeing Sam next to him now still naked brought the memories back to life again. What would Sam fell like now beneath him, their bodies pressing together?

Sam was surprised by his brother’s reaction. He wasn’t embarrassed but wasn’t as self-confident as usual either. Something was on his mind, something that bothered him. Terrified that he could see right through him, Sam slightly turned his head away. Reliving those memories he felt his cock come to life. It had scared him when he had first felt Dean’s erection, but it had also made him curious. On some level he had even liked it. Imaging what his brother’s cock might feel like now, Sam started gasping for air. How could he have these abnormal feelings?

“Is that it?”

Dean asked pulling Sam out of his thoughts.

“Yep. But you have to admit that was pretty embarrassing.”

Dean shrugged his shoulders.

“Maybe. Anyway, I’m taking a bath now.”

He jumped of the bed and literally fled to the bathroom. His pulsing erection had grown into a throbbing pain. He couldn’t last another minute without jerking off. The pictures Sammy’s story had evoked had just increased his need to fuck.


Sam remained on the bed and was somewhat relieved that Dean had left the room. Finally he tossed the towel aside and began messaging his full-length cock that had been begging for attention ever since he had begun telling the story. Imaging the situation again, he felt his orgasm building up way too fast. With memories of Dean’s erection in mind, he came hard, shaking the bed on which he was laying.

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Bea: lindsaybea80 on October 29th, 2007 12:58 am (UTC)
Wo finde ich denn Tale 1? Oder ist das Tale 1?! Und wie geht's weiter ... GAH!!!!!!!!
wiccaqueenwiccaqueen on October 29th, 2007 11:10 am (UTC)
Ich hoffe dein Problem hat sich jetzt gelöst! :-) Der dritte Teil folgt bald!
Bea: supernaturalbea80 on October 29th, 2007 02:12 pm (UTC)
Ja, ist es. Ich checke meine Freunesseite immer von "ganz neue Beiträge" bis hin zu "nicht mehr so neue Einträge". Und da wurde zuerst dieser Eintrag gepostet ...

Na, dann warte ich gespannt darauf ... :o)