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09 June 2008 @ 02:25 pm
News Update: Jared confirms  
Okay, since I have had no rest since I heard the news that the engagement was off, I went searching for news, come across some terrible rumors....but now Jared spoke at the Dallas Con and confirmed that the engagement is in fact off.


No wonder he had to say something, I'm guessing the pressure was pretty high, judging from the way the fans reacted. I think it's also great that he came out and made the statement before questions arose.
Of course, no answer yet to the rumors of him cheating on her. I just have to trust that that isn't true.

Oh and there was also some really good news...something to make me smile *g*
Jensen's family was at the Dallas Con to support Jared. The parents showed up aswell as his brother and sister. *awww*

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